Monday Melody – Perfect Medley

I slept for 12 hours straight this weekend.  Sleepy much?  Yup!  Clearly, I needed the rest.  Got caught up on pending stuff, got myself ready for another week, and voila, Monday!  Can we all petition for a three-day weekend every week?  LOL!  On to another one… 

Song/Album: “Perfect Medley” by J. Moss, on the albumV2 (Deluxe Version).

Why it made the cut:   One listen to the supple tenor of J. Moss will cause anyone to do a double take.  He does not disappoint on “Perfect Medley,” a triple punch of his songs “I’m Not Perfect,” “Give You More,” and “Unto Thee.”  

These songs bring to mind the apostle Paul’s words in Philippians 3:12-14, in that they focus believers on wanting to serve God completely.  The first song acknowledges that we often fall short but stresses the desire to step up our game.  The second is a deep cry to give more of oneself to God, and the third calls us to total commitment to our relationship with God.

J’s impeccable vocals, wrapped around relatable lyrics and replete with his typical riffs, runs, and incredible range, are showcased to perfection in “Perfect Medley.”  We are carried seamlessly from one song to the next and drawn into a deeper level of dedication to Our Lord.

Artist:  Singer, songwriter, musician, arranger, and producer James “J” Moss is a member of the renowned Moss/Clark family of gospel music fame.  The son of Bill Moss Sr., nephew of Mattie Moss Clark, and cousin of Kierra “Kiki Sheard and Karen Clark Sheard has parlayed his many musical gifts into a solid reputation as one of the premiere gospel artistes of the 21st century.

J and his brother Bill Jr. sang together as the Moss Brothers in their teens, and after two years in university, he returned to his first love, music, releasing two albums.  Moss then joined the production/management team of PAJAM  (Paul “PDA” Allen and Walter Kearney), merging his writing skills with their production and marketing expertise.  He released The J Moss Project as his first album with PAJAM in 2004, to great acclaim, and followed up with three other projects.  A fourth, V4, is set to drop this month.

J’s music ranges from traditional gospel and praise and worship to hip-hop and R & B with jazz overtones, his nimble tenor vaulting to a searing falsetto on many tracks.  His talent for penning lyrics that convey Bible truths in a realistic way has won him many fans, especially among younger Christians.

Favorite lyrics:

Every day’s a rat race moving at a fast pace
Never seem to get a break, never seem to get away 
When it ain’t working hard, or being a dad or mom
I’ll be the first to admit I’m neglecting the relationship 
With God… 
Talking to, spending time with
Like I should
Forgive me I’ll get better!

Sweet spots: “Moss Moments” begin at 3:17 and 4:19.  Get it, J!


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