Monday Melody – Praise Him Now

Ah, the joys of a weekend well spent!  Got a lot accomplished, did a lot of reading and catching up, got in a good nap on Saturday, heard a great sermon on Sunday, and here we are again on Monday, at the start of another week.  Jesus, be a fence! 

Song/Album: “Praise Him Now” by Kierra “Kiki” Sheard on the album Bold Right Life.

Why it made the cut:   The thanksgiving that the lyrics engender and the majestic arc of “Praise Him Now”–from a slightly jazz-tinged beginning into a full-fledged praise crescendo–makes it a classic worship song. 

Penned by Kierra Sheard’s cousin, singer/songwriter/producer J. Moss, and produced by PAJAM, “Praise Him Now” allows Kiki to be the 
vocal gymnast she was destined to be.  With Karen Clark Sheard as her mom, who could expect anything less?

The clarity of Kierra’s voice on this track reminds me of sparkling crystal.  Kiki captures a range of emotions on this song in typical Moss-Clark style and expresses them with a dexterity and prowess that belie her youth (she’ll be 25 next month).

I can’t listen to this song without raising hands and voice in praise.  It remind me that there is never a wrong time to praise God, “the source of my favor.”  Praise Him now! 

Artist:  Kierra “Kiki” Sheard hails from Gospel royalty:  the musically pedigreed Moss-Clark family.  The granddaughter of renowned gospel choral director Mattie Moss Clark and the daughter of Karen Clark Sheard, Kiki possesses a comfort and confidence in using the God-given gift of her voice that few persons of her age group can boast.

Kiki truly is a vocal beast like her mom and incorporates a range of genres in her repertoire, although most of her music appeals to young Christians who enjoy R & B and hip hop.

She grew up in Detroit and made her professional debut  at age 10, singing two tracks on her mom’s debut solo album.  One of those tracks won her a Stellar Award for Best Children’s Performance.  

Even at such a tender age, Kiki had mastered the signature “Clark sound” that her mother and aunts had perfected and that includes riffs, runs, and deep throaty growls described as “squalls.”

At age 17, Kiki put out her first solo album and has since added three others, the most recent being 2011’s Free.  She has also been featured on hits such as Mary Mary‘s “God in Me” and J. Moss’s “Jump Jump.”

Kiki has completed a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in psychology while maintaining her singing career.  She is also the catalyst behind the Bold! Right! Life! youth organization.

Favorite lyrics:

Through reprimand
Some I don’t understand
But I’ve never seen your love forsake me
Through ups and downs
Through smiles and frowns
But you never put more on me than I can bear
That’s why I praise You even more!

Sweet spots: Kiki goes into “Clark mode” at 3:10.  Echoes of her mom and aunts right there give me goosebumps!

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