Monday Melody – Prayer Service

Welcome to Monday Melody!  I’m really stoked about this series, guys.  Music is my big love, and I really cherish this opportunity to share with you the songs that keep me pumped.

First up on the weekly “turntable” is…

Song/Album: “Prayer Service” on the album “The Come Up” by Mali Music.

Why it made the cut:  If I could pick a song to be my mantra, this would be it.  “Prayer Service” keeps it real for the intercessor who stays on her grind:  “Life ain’t nothing but a prayer service.”

A perfect storm of praise, prayer, and thanksgiving, “Prayer Service” does, indeed, hearken to old-time prayer services, but it’s served on a platter of infectuous syncopation and familiar scripture embedded in current-day lyrics that compel me to press the “repeat” button. 

Artist:  Twenty-three-year-old Kortney Jamaal Pollard of Savannah, Georgia, a.k.a. Mali Music, is the flavor du jour of urban Christian music.  Unconventional (see his recent signing to Akon’s label), this minister of music defies pigeonholing and admits he doesn’t even listen much to gospel music.  Huh?  That, friends, is his appeal.  He thinks/sings/writes/produces way outside the box.  Hey, he’s kicked the box to the curb.  Bravo!

Favorite lyrics:
“I’ve got faith enough to know that You are faithful
That’s why I praise You like a fool cuz I’m grateful
Nothing’s too hard for You my God is more than able
It’s my prayer life that keeps me upright and stable.”

Sweet spot:  Check out the bridge, from 2:45  to 3:17.  Bliss!

What do you think, guys?


  1. What a great idea for a post. I rarely get to listen to music so am so out of touch with what is good. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. You're welcome! Thanks, Jessica.

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