Monday Melody – Put It On The Altar

It’s the last day of the year, guys, and this is the last Monday Melody of 2012.  Where the heck did the year go?  

Here’s hoping that the Monday Melodies on Embrace the Struggle blessed you in 2012 and shed light on the artists behind the music.  Go check them out by clicking on the Melodies tab at the top of the page.

I’m stoked about sharing more Christian music and artists with you in 2013!


“Put It On The Altar” by Jessica Reedy on the album From the Heart.

Why it made the cut:

“Put It On The Altar” is a great anthem as we exit 2012 and enter 2013.  There’s a limit to how much our hearts can carry daily; we need to shed that load as we begin a new year.  The song recognizes the need to pray over and hand over our cares to God’s jurisdiction.  The consequences of keeping on in our own strength are debilitating!

Jessica Reedy’s catchy exhortation to allow God to carry our burdens is a word in due season that we would be wise to heed!  The song boasts an old-school vibe highlighted by hand clapping, horns, guitar, and smooth background vocals, added to Ms. Reedy’s compelling voice, which belies her young age. It is gonna be alright!


Thanks to Season 2 of BET’s Sunday Best gospel talent competition, the world was introduced to the standout talent of 24-year-old Michigan native Jessica Reedy.

Reedy began singing at age 4 in her granddad’s church.  She later was able to work with R & B acts like Usher and Nancy Wilson and even auditioned, unsuccessfully, for American Idol.

Jessica won a full music scholarship to Tougaloo College but left after her second semester there after becoming pregnant.  A friend encouraged the single mother to audition for Sunday Best, and she went on to place second in the 2009 competition.  Since then, she has put out her first album, From the Heart, and the hit single “God Has Smiled On Me.”

“The greatest lesson I’ve learned is that God will take a stained nobody like me and allow my gift to make room for me,” Jessica says. “For God to pick someone who’s still learning, still making mistakes, so imperfect and give me a platform before millions all over the world, it’s just an example of how great His unconditional love is.”
Favorite lyrics:

Listen, you’ve been worrying and crying
And crying and worrying
But you’re not alone, you’re not alone, no!
See, you have a friend in Jesus, and He knows all about it 
And He’s gonna do what He promised you


  1. This is one of my favorite songs. I have it on my phone. I’m definitely putting some things on the altar on this last day of 2012. Have a blessed year!

  2. Hi Alison
    I have not heard of Jessica before but she has a fantastic voice. This is a great song, and quite an appropriate choice for end of year melody. You have done a great job in 2012 with your blog. Quite informative and inspiring. I wish you a year filled with God’s blessings, good health and wealth.

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