Monday Melody – Sea of Forgetfulness

It’s another holiday!  Glad for some more down time and for time to reflect on the life-changing legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  May we never take for granted the supreme sacrifice of his life and the benefits we now enjoy due to his courage.

Song/Album: “Sea of Forgetfulness” by  Helen Baylor on the  album “Start All Over.”   

Why it made the cut:  Helen Baylor has the type of voice that you can’t ignore:  deep, resonant, rich, and commanding.  Add to that the soothing message in this song of forgiveness and God’s acceptance, couched in the biblical metaphor of the sea of forgetfulness into which God throws our sins, and you have a winner.  

When I first got this CD, I wore this track (and many others) out, for good reason.  I needed that reminder that in God’s eyes, the past is just that:  the past.  By making Psalm 103:12 a reality for me in this song, Helen brought comfort and peace to my soul and helped draw me into a closer relationship with my heavenly Father.

Artist:  Helen Baylor’s story is the type that screams “biopic.”  
Helen recorded her first single at age 13 and spent some of her teen years as the opening act for top performers like Stevie Wonder and  Aretha Franklin, and she went on to sing backup for The Captain and Tenille and Chaka Khan.  

Helen credits her praying grandmother for spiritually waging war against the destruction that the high life she was introduced to at an early age as a secular singer, along with a crippling drug habit, were bringing to her life.  She had a life-changing encounter with Christ and was able to “start all over,” free from drugs.  

A winner of three Dove Awards, four Stellar awards, and one Soul Train Lady of Soul Award, Helen now presents the gospel in song in her concerts, which she describes as “a church service set to music.”

Favorite lyrics:
You welcome me with open arms of mercy
In spite of all I’ve done, You still keep loving me

Sweet spot:  The vamp at  2:38.

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