My New Year’s Non-Resolution

I’ve never really been good with New Year’s resolutions.  I don’t keep them, and then I end up feeling guilty for not keeping them!  Who needs that sort of angst to start off a new year!

I’ve committed to a non-resolution in 2012.  Thought I’d make a Wordle to show you what my non-resolution looks like in that buzzing hub of activity called my brain.  P.S., I love Wordle!  

But for those who need something more structured, here goes: 

(Approved by Embrace the Struggle (ETS) on January 1, 2012)

I, Embrace the Struggle,

DEEPLY CONCERNED by the presumed importance given to New Year’s resolution research and development (R & D) in late December and early January of each year;

HAVING SEEN how much time is wasted committing to resolutions that no sane person can keep;

HAVING HEARD the cries of failure from the hapless ones who committed unwisely to such courses of action; and

HAVING NOTED the pros and cons of liberating oneself from such a burden,


1.     To refrain from creating New Year’s resolutions and to restrain myself from slipping into such timesucks due to peer pressure and warped self-talk.

2.    To repudiate any attempt to alter my non-resolution mindset and to cultivate, at my own pace, the concepts, ideals, and values presented artistically in the Wordle above.

3.    To firmly support all other non-resolutionists in their pursuit of a life free from New Year’s resolutions and filled with peace, patience, and positivity.

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