Old School Blogging – Five Fabulous Fives!

Can I share with you how much I love Old School Blogging? I think it’s because it gives us all a chance to learn about each other in a simple, fun-filled way. So when I saw that my girl Joi at Rx Fitness Lady tagged me in her “High Fives” blog post on Wednesday, I was more than happy to jump on board this meme train.  Here I go with my “Fabulous Fives”!



Five Things I Have a Passion For:

  1. Music!
  2. Spreading the word about modern-day human trafficking and persecution of Christians.
  3. Encouraging and exhorting others (just plain building people up, y’all).
  4. Bringing order and peace to clutter and chaos.
  5. Reading! Writing! Blogging!


Five Things I Would Like to do Before I Die

  1. Do a Glamour Shots photo shoot.
  2. Buy a beach house.  Yes, I love the beach THAT much.
  3. Make up my mind as to which blogging conference I should attend—and go to it!
  4. Go ziplining.
  5. See the Pyramids.


Five Things I Say A Lot

  1. “What the puck!” (Yes, with a p.  I know.  Pray for me.)
  2. “What. freaking. ever.”
  3. “Bumba!” (My inner Jamaican comes out every now and then.)
  4. “What????!!!” (as in, total disbelief), followed by:
  5. “Yuh lie!”  “Get away!” or “Shut the front door!”


Five Books  I Have Read Lately

  1. “Zora and Nicky:  A Novel in Black and White” by Claudia Mair Burney.
  2. “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell.
  3. “Wonderstruck” by Margaret Feinberg.
  4. “Beautiful Outlaw” by John Eldredge.
  5. “Transdermal Magnesium Therapy” by Dr. Mark Sircus.


Five Favorite Movies 

  1. Shrek (the first one).
  2. Finding Neverland.
  3. Edward Scissorhands.
  4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
  5. Elf.

(Clearly I love to escape from the real world via movies, or take a trip back to childhood!)


Five Places I Would Love to Travel To

  1. Capetown, South Africa.
  2. St. Barts, West Indies.
  3. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  4. Hollywood, California, USA.
  5. Paris, France.

Sooo… Elaine and Alison are the host and co-host, respectively, for this month’s Old School Blogging meme, so all of us bloggers have until next week Thursday, July 25, to link up our “fives” posts on their pages.  

But I want to hear your thoughts on my fab fives in the comments, and share your “fabulous fives” as well!  It could be a mashup of favorites from all five categories.  Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. Sheron Treasure says:

    I like #3 on favourite things I say…. Lol! Me too! (Interesting!)

  2. Your reading list seems so heavy duty (hangs head in shame 🙂 )! I LOVE Edward scissor hands, CLASSIC! I did have a fabulous time my first time staying at a beach house this year was amazing and I’m itching to go back. WTP is hilarious! Fun read!
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted..Old School Blogging: *High Fives*My Profile

    • Joi, I need to lighten up my reading! I love The China Study because it provides so much good information, scientifically supported, about the benefits of a plant-based diet. I’m trying to go there… slowly!

      I dream of a beach house! Perhaps I should start with a timeshare or something like that and then begin to sock away some money towards the dream.

      I’m a big Johnny Depp fan, but in a strange way. I don’t like some of the darker movies like Sleepy Hollow and Sweeney Todd and Secret Window. Believe it or not, I’ve never seen any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies either! But the sweet ones like the ones I mentioned in my fives, and Chocolat and Gilbert Grape… love em!

      Pray for me with the WTP! My whole retinue of phrases needs some bar soap, or OxiClean! LOL!

  3. Bahahahahahaha Alison at “what the puck”…too funny!!!! ROTFL Love your passion list and who doesn’t like the FIRST Shrek and Elf, right? Of course Paris, France is at the TOP of my bucket list! Thanks for sharing and thanks for linking up! Have a wonderful weekend Alison! What the puck….BAHAHAHA!! Can’t stop laughing at that one!
    Michell recently posted..“Michell’s Weekly Pearl”My Profile

    • You have me laughing hard, Michell! I told Joi my favorite sayings need some OxiClean or some good old Clorox!

      Actually I love all of the Shrek movies, but the first one really got me going. I just love the idea of the underdog, the “other”, winning! And I can watch Elf any time of year. I follow them both on Facebook! (I’m a dork, I know!)
      Alison recently posted..Old School Blogging – Five Fabulous Fives!My Profile

  4. You say “puck”??? Shut the front door! 😉
    Thanks for linking up!
    Alison recently posted..ConfessionsMy Profile

  5. ROTF! It was fun to link up and see all the great stuff the other bloggers shared, Alison.
    Alison recently posted..Old School Blogging – Five Fabulous Fives!My Profile

  6. I like old school blogging…perhaps because I am old. I like your lists of 5…and yeah, you say puck? 🙂 Visiting from SSF

  7. Madonna/aka/Ms. Lemon says:

    Ok, I need a list like this, but I’m afraid I will scare myself, and then if my family or friends read oh my goodness.

    • You literally have me laughing out loud! Go for it! What’s the worst that could happen? Maybe they’ll all have a good laugh; with you, not at you!

  8. I love me some Elf! LOL Enjoyed getting to know you. And so happy you connected at LOBS. 🙂
    Crystal recently posted..Old School Blogging Returns with Lists of Five!My Profile

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