The ones that got away…

I’m joining Ms. Kimberly as she continues her month-long September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge.  Check out her blog button at the end of this post and go show her some love, guys!  She’s good people!

Today’s prompt is “Resurgence,” as in, resurrecting old posts.  Hence, a tribute to “the ones that got away,” the posts that didn’t receive the love I had hoped they would garner.  

The blogging world is funny (strange) sometimes because the posts that you slap together at the last minute at Usain Bolt speed, without giving them too much thought, seem to soar in reader approval via comments, likes, retweets, and other social media validation.  The ones that took you several lifetimes to craft?  Left standing in the rain without an umbrella.   😥


When I began blogging, that conundrum really threw me for a loop and left me wondering whether I was disregarding my audience or the writing was below par.  It might have partially been those two reasons at different times, but as I interacted with other bloggers, I realized that this was a common blight of the blogging world.  Some posts tank, no matter how much you love them, and others rise and shine, no matter how “meh” you might feel about them.

I can lump my “show me the love!” posts into two categories:  the Monday Melodies and the interviews I did with three women of excellence.  I’m linking three of the Monday Melodies below, along with links to the three interviews, but the entire Monday Melody series is in the “Melodies” tab at the top of this page.  

Go check some of them out!

Interview with Rosie Hodge Adams of Children of the Caribbean
Interview with Carline Brice of HavServe
Interview with Funlayo Alabi of Shea Radiance
Monday Melody-  Set Me FreeMyron Butler
Monday Melody – Praise Him NowKiki Sheard
Monday Melody – I Am Not AloneNatalie Grant

Thanks again, Kimberly, for being a gracious host this month!

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  1. I have pinned so I can delve through these! I didn’t get mine up but I will try to do this prompt later in the week! Have an awesome week Alison! Thanks again for the #MBC participation!
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted..I Have Some Blogging Confessions…My Profile

    • You’re so welcome, Joi. I should be the one saying thanks again. I look forward to your post on this topic. I still owe Kimberly some posts from two weeks ago *hides face*.

  2. I know what you mean! I remember my first BlogHer syndicated post was one I had thrown together in five minutes. I’ve had ones that took hours and they got crickets!
    Looking forward to reading these!
    Tamara recently posted..Wonderland.My Profile

    • Exactly! I labored especially over the interviews, and although there was some response, it was far from what I had anticipated. With some posts, you just never know.

  3. I 100% agree with this. It never fails that some post will get more attention than others and I am ALWAYS wrong about which ones will get the most attention. Gald to know it is not just me that feels this way.

    • That’s the luck of the draw sometimes, Toya, when it comes to blog posts. What appeals to us might not get others’ hearts aflutter. Also, I think I don’t promote my posts as well as I should, so that’s a whole ‘nother post! LOL

  4. This is so very true. I don’t know what it is about blogging, but it’s that odd void where the blog posts that you love — doesn’t receive any love. Looking forward to reading these.
    KalleyC recently posted..Starting Fall with a Kick!My Profile

    • Thanks Kalley! It’s an exercise in perseverance sometimes to keep going when it seems like you’re blogging for yourself. Glad to realize that I’m not in this strange boat by myself.

  5. I hear you – I’ve learned you just can’t always predict which posts are going to be popular. I can’t figure it out. But I will check out some of the posts you highlighted for us!
    Dana recently posted..Blog Challenge complete!My Profile

    • Thanks, Dana. We sure can’t predict. Ideally, all of our posts would be well received, but at least we know the pleasure we derive from writing each one.

  6. Haha! That’s so true. Sometimes slapped together gets all the love and labor of love gets nada. Like Joi, I’m gonna have to pin this too so I can go back through. I’ve caught quite a few of your Monday melodies. Always love the songs featured.
    Hope recently posted..Blog love: posts you should readMy Profile

    • Thanks, Hope! It’s good to know that you enjoyed the Melodies. I might resurrect that series when time allows. To be honest, they used to take far more time to craft than my Thursday posts, but I so loved the songs that it made it worth my while.

  7. I so get that! I have worked for literally WEEKS on a post, to get no interest at all. Then what I post from my cell phone is the big winner – weird. I’ll be going through these – I know I must have missed something! 🙂
    Eva recently posted..It’s In the Blood: Iwer George Talks About What It Means to Be Caribbean AmericanMy Profile

  8. Alison, I guess all of us bloggers have experienced this phenomenon. I know there are some post that I’ve been tempted not to hit publish but some how they really resonated with my readers. And others that were quite meaningful to me didn’t seem to reach the readers. I can’t remember where I read it but I remember a blogger saying some posts we write for others and others are more written for ourselves.
    Wanda recently posted..Discarded but Still ValuableMy Profile

  9. I will need to check these out. I smiled as I read your introduction as there have been times I’ve thought of doing a post that linked others to my top unread posts. You capture it so well how this blogging world can be a bit strange. I love giving the unloved posts some love though so I will be headed over. :))) I’ve made a note so I don’t forget…almost bed time for this early riser.
    Beth recently posted..Snapshot Love—he’s home and more.My Profile

  10. I love your graphic. As a relative newbie I thought it was just me – I have no idea what makes one post resonate and another tank. There is some comfort in knowing the puzzle is universal!
    Mo at Mocadeaux recently posted..Mo Wine Please – ViognierMy Profile

  11. It does feel that way sometimes…the ones you spend hours upon hours on hardly get any attention and then one that you threw together, you get all sorts of comments. I should have linked up that day…I have tons of them from when I first started blogging! But I did manage to link up today although it was completely by accident!
    Michelle recently posted..Use Your Influence to Make Money Blogging — with SverveMy Profile

  12. Glad you did, Michelle. Knowing you, those early readers missed out on some good stuff. Glad that Kimberly included this prompt so that we can all highlight some of the lesser known work that we slaved over. I use Tweet Old Post as well to get some of those posts back in circulation, at least via Twitter.
    Alison recently posted..The ones that got away…My Profile

  13. That is so wild how the posts that you think will blow people away get very little traffic. I’m thinking “meh” is another Caribbean expression, Alison. Love the Usain Bolt reference. Thanks for all of your support.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted..Top 2 Ways I Make Money With My BlogMy Profile

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