A season of optimism

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Spring is my favorite season, and cherry blossom time is just divine to me. Β It’s almost like God is showing off via nature, bombarding us with a fiesta of blooms that provoke happiness, warmth, smiles, and an appreciation of creation’s magnificence. Optimism springs forth at this time of year for me.

“I love better to count time from spring to spring; it seems to me far more cheerful to reckon the year by blossoms than by blight.” Β Donald Grant Mitchell

Happy Sunday! I’m joining Deidra Riggs over at The Sunday Community. Come on over and visit!


  1. Such a beautiful post. I love seeing the spring flowers too! God is in the NEW! Blessings to you. I also LOVE your header…Pray and pray again!
    Jennifer recently posted..April Showers Bring May Flowers β€” A Reflection on Grace in The Little ThingsMy Profile

    • Jennifer, thanks so much! I see Him in the new so much, especially at this time of year. But He’s also present in the old, or the continuous, I should say. That’s why we love Him so much… He’s in and of everything.

  2. Alison … this is so gorgeous … the flowers blooming, the water flowing, new life emerging so magnificently! Were we ever so happy to have a new season arrive?

    Love to you on this Sabbath. May today bring you peace and rest.
    Linda@Creekside recently posted..The Joy of RestingMy Profile

    • Thanks, Linda. I’m definitely delighted to be out of winter and into sunnier and warmer days. The foliage and flowers surely add to my sense of well-being. Have a blessed Holy Week, Linda.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Really a beautiful time of year. Have a blessed Palm sunday Alison. πŸ™‚
    Yvonne I. Wilson recently posted..Palm Sunday Prayer of Celebration and Blessings to the FaithfulMy Profile

  4. I love that quote and may have to adopt its message as my own. Spring to spring. I like that. And you get all that Cherry Blossom beauty in Maryland. Will have to head to Prospect Park in Brooklyn for a dose this week.

  5. Love those blossoms! πŸ™‚

  6. I love spring, too – especially after a winter like the one we have just had!
    I tried to check out The Sunday Community but it will not open on my laptop -weird.
    Kim recently posted..Planks, Planks and more Planks (4/6-4/12)My Profile

  7. I love the cherry blossoms! They are so beautiful…and I think when you see scenes like that, it does uplift you!
    Michelle recently posted..Dishing Out Where I Really Want to Live, Go-To Recipes, and More #AAFMy Profile

    • It absolutely does, Michelle. My mind seems more at peace and my energy level is higher. Having ditched coats and gloves and scarves helps a lot too! LOL

  8. Absolutely LOVE the photo. It’s a smiling time of the year. Thanks.
    Joanne Norton recently posted..HIS CONTROL PRODUCES LOVE…My Profile

  9. Today was so gorgeous. Just so gorgeous. So was yesterday. It was intoxicating. It is absolutely my favorite season and I want to drink in every second of it.
    Tamara recently posted..What I Want You To Know.My Profile

    • You sound like me, Tamara! I drive down the main road out of my development and the trees… white blooms that change the face of the street, all for the better. I can’t help but smile!

  10. Sheron Treasure says:

    My favorite season as well, Alison! My garden’s a bloom and everything just seem to come to life! πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Ali! I saw the photos of Cherry Blossom time on the news. It all looks like fluffy clouds of pink and white. I hope I can see it in person some day! Thank you for your photo too. It gives me hope that spring will soon be here πŸ™‚

    • Actually that’s an accurate description, Cei: fluffy clouds of pink and white. You get the feeling while walking close to them that they will literally draw you in and envelop you in their beauty. Such a delight! Keep that hope alive; I honestly didn’t think spring would show up after the horrible winter we had.
      Alison recently posted..A season of optimismMy Profile

  12. Makes me want to return to DC for another visit. I just love the cherry blossoms. So beautiful! I do plan to return again in December with my hubby!! πŸ™‚ Wishing you a beautiful week, Alison.
    Beth (@SimplyBeth3) recently posted..Friday Randomness (Vol. 22)My Profile

  13. Love you girl!

  14. Beautiful pictures of cherry blossoms! I really do love them! I love that this time of year is a reflection of beginnings and hope! I love how that is reflected in the flowers that bloom πŸ™‚
    KalleyC recently posted..When We Lose Empathy, Compassion FollowsMy Profile

    • It sure does, Kalley. It does the heart some good to look at them and recognize God’s hand in them. Today, however, is a different show: torrential rain that made me pull out my boots again!

  15. I have a love/hate relationship with the cherry blossoms. On one hand they’re beautiful; on another hand they’re the cause for sooo much traffic in DC.
    Andrea recently posted..My Choice Was to Die So that She Might LiveMy Profile

    • The traffic is a horror, Andrea. I worked late last week to avoid the crowds and crazy traffic, but even at 7:30 it was a bit crazy still. But the beauty of that week is worth the inconvenience, isn’t it?

  16. Hey Ali!! Feels good to be back, but I’m still playing catch-up! πŸ™‚ I LOVE cherry blossoms…with all the snow, for a minute there I thought DC wasn’t going to get its beautiful blooms, but they bloomed just in time for the cherry blossom festival. God is awesome that way! Spring by far is my favorite season…sans the pollen! Lol! It’s in abundance here in SC, but it makes for some beautiful blooms though! Have a wonderful week my friend!
    Michell recently posted..Mastering YOU Monday…my EUREKA moment(I’m baaack)My Profile

    • Michell, it’s so good to have you back in the blogosphere! you’re right about winter, pollen, and and the cherry blossoms. I took those pictures last Friday, but by Monday the blossoms were gone! I love the season, but the pollen does a number on so many people.

  17. I really love this time of year, too! The cherry blossoms are beautiful! Although, it did randomly snow the other day. Weird.

  18. You are so right!! Spring blooms are so beautiful this time of year and I love watch the cherry blossoms especially after I have had my allergy medicine…the pollen is not my friend at times πŸ™‚
    LaKita recently posted..I’m Cheating on my TV and Something New…My Profile

    • LOL Lakita. You’ve got your priorities straight: without those meds, the pollen would take away every ounce of enjoyment of the cherry blossoms!

  19. Oh, that’s SO beautiful, Alison! Spring fills me with optimism and the hope of new beginnings and rebirth!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..Pinterest Nightmare #220: The Remember RingMy Profile

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