The “I don’t” list

i dont list

Happy to welcome you to Embrace the Struggle! Please subscribe to my RSS feed. Thank you! I’m just starting out on the road to “focus” in 2014, so, to quote Uneeka Jay, I’m repossessing my “yes”:  bumping up relevant activities and downgrading the nonessentials. My blogging friend Anita Mathias piqued my interest in the “I … Read More

Blessed by association


I did this cross-stitch piece when I was a teenager, but the sentiment behind the statement it expresses remains the same today as it was back then. I’m blessed by association through the many friendships I’ve cultivated over the years. God is the author of friendship, community, and the unity that occurs when people are … Read More

Embracing “focus” in 2014

OneWord2014 FOCUS

I took off the last two weeks from blogging, and I really enjoyed the break.  Truth be told, I needed it! As much as I felt neutral about 2014 towards the end of last year, God (yet again!) surprised me with a One Word for 2014.   Yes. Focus. Often during 2013, I would find … Read More

Ask Away Friday with Miss Dre @ So She Writes

AAF Badge

Today is my birthday, guys! I turn 25 yet again.   😛   I reneged on the idea of a blog vacation in order to swap questions with Miss Dre at So She Writes for this week’s Ask Away Friday meme.   I met Dre through our mutual blogging friend Michelle at Radiant Brown Beauty,  We … Read More

Christmas Eve’s Eve Holly Bloggy Party Reveal

RFL party button

I’d have to say that 2013 really has been a bumper blogging year.  One of my major prayer requests, the desire for a genuine tribe of fellow bloggers and followers, came through!  I hooked up with a delightful group of writers who have encouraged, supported, and mentored me on my blogging journey, as I did … Read More

Fruit that remains


I saw these berries as I took a walk near the office.  I don’t think they’re edible, but they sure looked pretty!  Reminded me of the premium God places on spiritual fruit that is of value in the long term.   “You didn’t choose Me, remember; I chose you and put you in the world … Read More

How will we receive them?

little girl hugs

The floor above mine at work was the land of big personalities and even bigger egos, a sound stage on which a melange of languages and nationalities coexisted warily.  And when one “less than favorite” coworker transitioned out of the department, there was much buzz. There was even more buzz when she came back after … Read More

A father’s love


“A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.” Billy Graham Yesterday marked four years since my dad died.  Sometimes it seems like I’ve been under a long, unending fog since that signal day.  Other times, the wound is fresh and gaping, … Read More

A different Christmas list


Can I interest you in creating a different Christmas list? Amidst the buying frenzy of the holidays Long after the Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays and Giving Tuesdays are over While you make your list and check it twice…   Can I encourage you to remember those who  Are bought over and over, sometimes up … Read More

The heavens are telling

sky 111

I love to be in a plane, literally seated in a bed of clouds.  Makes me think of heaven and what will occur in the skies one fine, final day.  Do you think about it?  The heavens are telling, indeed! Maranatha!  Come, Lord Jesus! Have a blessed Sunday, everyone.