Procrastination = infestation

This equation sums up my week:  Procrastination = infestation.

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I took way too long to address my “kitchen situation.” Whenever super-strong winds and rain from the north combined and pelted the house, the roof of the bay window in the kitchen would leak badly.

I’d had the problem “solved” by at least two other contractors, but it had come back and I was tired of going through the process.  Plus, it hadn’t leaked in a while…

But I had a nagging sense that I should get it checked out.  And I quelled that nagging each time it would surface.  

By the time I finally got someone to check on it (this week):  voila!  A full-fledged colony of ants and their cousins and ’em had built a co-op in the kitchen roof.  Suffice it to say I still am creeped out by the sheer number of dead itty-bitties under the bay window.  Morning and night they keep falling.  Ugh!  

And I’m beyond annoyed at myself for taking a year and fifty Sundays to attend to a situation that now has expanded to include mold.  I won’t even touch the cost issue.  Nope.  Too painful.

Can I present this scenario as a cautionary tale about procrastination?  

Procrastination is a slippery little bugger.  It lulls us into a false security wherein we delude ourselves (1) that time is truly on our side and (2) that the situation we’re dealing with isn’t that serious.  Both are lies from the pit of hell.

And just like my kitchen scenario, little by little, colonies of infestation are developing while we procrastinate, setting up shop in our lives and causing silent yet deadly destruction.

  • It could be that you’re feeling weird, but it’s nothing that you can’t handle, you tell yourself.  You’ll find time later to get that sicky feeling checked out.  And then you blank out, end up in hospital, and receive a dire diagnosis.
  • It could be that you’re putting off building up an emergency fund. Then the boom drops:  a genuine emergency shows up and you’re up a gum tree.
  • It could be that you’re delaying looking for a new job.  Something in you knows that things can’t continue as is, yet you won’t even tentatively search around for job leads. Then you get fired.
  • Or it could be that you’re holding on to a dying relationship in hopes that things will turn around.  Then your so-called partner turns into Casper and leaves you hanging.

In each case, procrastination has led to some form of infestation of a life.  Or of lives.

Whatever’s in a holding pattern in your life, perhaps now’s a good time to drag it out of limbo and take a decisive step to remedy it.  Who knows?  You just might avoid a costly repair job and the inconvenience (and creepiness) of an infestation.


Are you a procrastinator?  Has it become very costly to maintain a lifestyle of procrastination?  How so?




  1. EXCELLENT analogy! I procrastinate when it’s not a priority to me. This post was definitely useful for me. I immediately identified with your sentiments when looking at that picture. I am not good about household repairs 🙂
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted..Why I Think Everyone Should Take a VacationMy Profile

  2. You know, I normally am good about repairs, Joi, but I think it’s because I’d been through this particular scenario with two other contractors that I was leery about getting stuff done. Lord knows I’m paying the price! LOL!
    Alison recently posted..Procrastination = infestationMy Profile

  3. I agree with Joi. Excellent analogy. I procrastinate often, but usually get it done before my deadline. But my deadline is usually before the actual deadline…lol. But there’s always that once in a while…I totally see how procrastinating will allow things to get out of hand. I’ve lived it too many times.
    Hope recently posted..How can you tell when a person is drowning?My Profile

  4. A great analogy! I am a procrastinator, usually I’ll sit on something until I say to myself, “why are you stopping yourself.” At that point, I just do what it is I have to do. Like now, I need to make an appointment to the dentist (been saying this for the past 3 weeks). It’s like we perceive that the work is hard, so we keep putting it off until it’s too late. Thanks for the nudge.
    KalleyC recently posted..Home School ReadinessMy Profile

    • Glad to be a nudger, Kalley! You’re right, we do perceive the difficulty, and that’s what keeps us from taking action. We’ve gotta get up off our duff! LOL!

  5. Mandi Noel says:

    This post is completely spot on! I, of course, never mean to, but I procrastinate way more often than I would like. I think it’s usually caused by fear and anxiety. Fear that something could go wrong. Anxiety that something will be less than perfect. But the scenarios you pointed at are just a reminder that some things are just too important to put off, even if you are afraid. I’m definitely going to remember this next time I face a daunting obstacle that I want to put off and will try to face it head on.
    Mandi Noel recently posted..Old School Blogging: My Crazy 5My Profile

    • We’ve gotta face (and embrace!) those struggles head on, Mandi, as hard as they might be. Procrastination is simply putting off the inevitable!

  6. Oh my, this post is wise and convicting! I need to read this about once a month just to wake myself up. Thank you for sharing. I had so much fun poking around your blog today. I will be back… 🙂

    • Hey Lyli! Poke around to your heart’s content! LOL I too need to read this post regularly to keep on top of the procrastination monster. Or, better, yet, look at the state of my kitchen! LOL

  7. Yvonne Chase says:

    I’ve been procrastinating on something for a minute now and I don’t know why. Maybe I’m not inspired? I don’t know but I’m going to stop typing this comment and deal with it.
    Yvonne Chase recently posted..Emotional Cheating vs Physical Cheating – Is There a Difference?My Profile

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