Proud to be a Pinja!

I’m proud to be a Pinja!  A what, you ask?


There you have it!  I’m a card-carrying Pinja, so I gladly join Ms. Kimberly today with a Pinterest post as she comes to the end of her September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge.

For the uninitiated, Pinterest is a pinboard-style website that allows users to save images and categorize them on different boards that reflect their interests, such as food, fashion, media, humor, home design… Hey, if you can imagine it, you can pin it!

I found out about Pinterest soon after I began blogging.  I created an account but really didn’t get deep into it until last year. Since then, I’ve been getting my pin on quite regularly. I can be MIA from Pinterest for a while but when I’m on, honey, I’m on!  I always joke and say that if I had to choose a bumper sticker, it would read: “I’d rather be pinning!”

PicMonkey Collage - Pinterest

What am I achieving with this pinning, you may ask?  What keeps me going back for more?  And do I ever implement any of what I pin?  Well:

  1. Pinning can be hella funny and therapeutic.  You get sucked in by great pictures that link to fantastic ideas and information. 
  2. It’s addictive.  FOMO (fear of missing out) kicks in, and you want to check in regularly to see the latest pins from your favorite pinjas.  
  3. And yes, I do use the recipes that I pin (see Wednesday’s post on recipes), as well as the information from other pins on my boards.

Okay guys, here are three of my Pinterest boards.  Click on the titles in order to check them out.  Enjoy!


Stuff That Cracks Me Up

laughing cats




Caribbean Roots 

Michaelle Jean

 Are you Pinterested?  What’s your favorite type of image to pin? Which of your boards have the most pins?  Least pins?


  1. OMG! This is so funny and so true! Pinterest is addicting and I’m always shocked when I look up and realize I’ve been on there way longer than I thought. Those “Pinterest minutes”, LOL! Going to check out your boards now…I stopped in from SITS Sharefest, hope you have a great weekend!
    Kari recently posted..When Your Child Starts Sprouting Wings…My Profile

    • Hi Kari! Thanks for dropping by! Pinterest can be a time suck if we don’t pay attention to how long we’ve been pinning, for sure. Pinterest minutes add up quickly!

  2. Pinja! I love it. I am better at going back and actually USING the info I pin. That’s what the boards are supposed to be for, right? Pin and organize pics and ideas for future use. But we forget to go back and UTILIZE it. We’re having way too much fun pinning! Thank you for sharing and linking up. One more writing prompt to go, Alison.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted..Penultimate Pinaholic Prompt PostMy Profile

    • I know! The month has flown by, Kimberly! The info I use the most, of course, is the recipes, followed by blogging info and health-related stuff. Most of the time I’m just oohing and aahing and pinning pretty stuff. In my Pinterest world there’s laughter and beauty… and useful stuff too! LOL
      Alison recently posted..Proud to be a Pinja!My Profile

  3. I pinned you to death yesterday. I’m not going back in there! 😉 Tomorrow I am trying a Tilapia recipe I saw. I guess it’s a good thing that I’m only interested in Pinterest for the food. I do have other boards but the food ones are really the only ones I look at like they are real cookbooks.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted..Recap of last week… I am BLOOPEDMy Profile

    • I noticed! I was like, wooie, Kenya’s on a Pinterest high! LOL! Tell me how the tilapia recipe comes out. I’m trying one from Real Simple (chicken) and an orzo recipe from… ta daaaah!… Pinterest! LOL

  4. Well I learned a new word Alison. I tend to go a great stretch between my pins. But there are occasions that I get on a roll. My food board probably has the most pins.
    Wanda recently posted..Friday Five: Great Reads for Your WeekendMy Profile

  5. Oh yes, I totally use the recipes I see on Pinterest. We’ve had many more wins than fails. My husband will even say to me, “Let’s celebrate. Pick a Pinterest dinner and a Pinterest dessert.” And I will! Best birthday ever.
    Tamara recently posted..Fall Is In The Air!My Profile

  6. I absolutely love the term! It’s the ninja in me 🙂 I told Kim, all Pinteret is for me is a very pretty and useful bookmarking engine. It’s so much better than scrolling your bookmarked sites. I pin my posts and yall’s posts & thats it!
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted..Mythbuster – I Am NOT MeanMy Profile

    • It is pure fun for me too, Joi. I love to ooh and aah over the pics. I’m like a kid in a candy store. And I’ve learned to pin blog posts and other useful info so that, like you said, I don’t have to be scrolling through a barrage of stuff. But the pictures are what do me in!

  7. This is hilarious, Alison! I’ve been studying Pinterest and ways to create and curate content on Pinterest, so I’m ON right now! The FOMO is so true – gotta see what all my Pinterest friends are pinning!
    Kelly recently posted..Welcome to a Stella & Dot Trunk Show!My Profile

    • LOL! A fellow pinning enthusiast, I see! Kelly, it’s all about the content, whether it’s fun, fashion, food… content and image are the big draws with Pinterest. Happy pinning!

  8. I love Pinterest too. I have tons of boards of photography related pins! It’s definitely a time suck. I could go on there and completely lose track of time!!
    Michelle recently posted..Teaching Character: There is no I in TEAMMy Profile

  9. This is o funny. I get like this about Twitter and Pinterest at times lol. Im not quite sure I’d be considered a Pinja though (wink) xoxo
    Brittnei recently posted..Letters to My First Born: 17 MonthsMy Profile

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