Saturday Soup – New Year, New Soup!

Welcome to the first edition of Saturday Soup, Embrace the Struggle’s roundup of things bright and beautiful on the Interwebs this week.  And what better time to begin than in January, National Soup Month!

Growing up back home in the Caribbean, Saturday soup was a meal worth salivating over. My grandma would throw everything in the pot, let it simmer slowly, and voila:  a soup that satisfied body and soul. This bloggy version of  Saturday Soup is a weekly curated blog post that will bring you a taste of the awesomeness that I’ve pulled from my favorite online haunts.  

Soup time!

New Year’s post of the week:  One of my favorite bloggers, Jeff Goins, brought a different but much needed perspective to entering the new year.  Habits instead of resolutions?  Cosign!

Wise Mom of the week:  Mom Janell Hoffman gave her son Gregory an iPhone for Christmas, with a twist:  18 rules aimed at keeping him sane in the mad world of smartphones.  Check them out! 

Two thumbs up of the week:  To Hope Mob for providing gas cards for rescued victims of human trafficking.  Kudos to Shaun King and the folks at Hope Mob for supplying help and hope to those in need worldwide–without red tape and drama.

Picture of the week:  My boy gospel musician Mali Music posted this photo on his Facebook page yesterday.  The animal lover in me went “Yes!”

Video of the week:  You can depend on the hilarious Hudson brothers to bring it, every time.  They let their comedy rap loose on church folk in this video.  Y’all don’t get all religious on me; this stuff is funny, and you might know one or two people to whom it applies!



  1. Sheron Treasure says:

    Girl, you can catch me with some real Caribbean home-made soup anyday….the kind that grandma used to make and especially in this weather! Lololol!

    • For real, Sheron. Today isn’t so bad up here, compared to Thursday and yesterday, but a good soup hits the spot in any temperature. Hope you enjoy the online soup as well. 🙂

  2. Emily Lynne @ The Best of this Life says:

    Great weekly links! I love the message of your blog 🙂
    Emily Lynne @ The Best of this Life recently posted..New Year’s Resolutions :: to do or not to do?My Profile

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