Saturday Soup – January 19, 2013

Time to give the Saturday Soup pot a good stir.  Dig in!

Soup time!

Graphic of the week:  The boob tube has been selling us a bill of goods.  Buyer beware!

Blog post of the week:  Uncommon Chick gets to the heart of information addiction in this very useful post.  I’m Alison, and I’m an information addict!

Picture of the week:  Miracle in the liquor aisle.  I believe in miracles, guys.  This one got me to shoutin’!  (Cue J Moss’s “Praise on the Inside.)

miracle in the liquor aisle

“Way to go” of the week: A British Airways employee wins a religious discrimination case in which her employer dismissed her for wearing a silver cross on a necklace to work.  Lord, preserve us!

“HGTV on steroids” of the week:  Renovation of the bathroom of the Secretary of the Interior in 2007 cost almost a quarter of a million dollars.  Yes, U.S. dollars.  An internal audit by the General Services Administration brought this gem to light.   🙄

“Ratchet R Us” of the week:  A brawl at a baby shower.  The invitation probably read USA (Characters Welcome) or TNT (We know drama).  These folks have waaaaay too much time on their hands.

“Silver foot in mouth” tweet of the week:  Rupert Murdoch takes to the Twitterverse to rail on an overweight lady who fell through the sidewalk in New York.   Really, Rupert?  SMH


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