Search and rescue: When freedom depends on us

Happy July 4th!  As America celebrates yet another birthday, we recall the freedoms that we take for granted in this “one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  Our hearts long to see others–whether nations or individuals–enjoy those freedoms, too.

Blogging with The Exodus Road for the last six months has been an eye-opener to the horrors of sexual slavery for women and underage children.  I’m in awe of the determination, courage, and tenacity of all those at the forefront of this cause, and they give me tremendous hope.

Search and Rescue

Freeing a staggering 27 million people from the clutches of human trafficking seems like Mission Impossible!   The truth is that their liberty depends upon those of us who are earnest about securing it and bringing to justice the criminals who have forced them into a depraved life.

If you’ve thrown up your hands in despair as to what you can personally do to end slavery, I’m happy to share with you Search and Rescue, a new initiative by The Exodus Road through which you can personally fuel the rescue of slaves by joining a real-life covert investigative team.

When you join a team, you will be “hiring” an investigator to go look for enslaved children on your behalf in some of the darkest corners of the globe. The investigator will then take the information he gleans to local police partners in order to develop cases and raids.

The search fuels the rescue. And by investing in teams through The Exodus Road, you will be putting boots on the ground and sending eyes to look for the enslaved.

It takes about $35 per night for an investigator with The Exodus Road to engage in local surveillance.  Because investigative teams are already on the ground and since most of the teams comprise volunteers, the funding of  investigations is relatively cost-effective.

Four teams with code names Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta have been set up.  When you choose a team to sponsor for $35 per month, you’ll have access to their field intelligence, although some details may be changed for the sake of safety.  You’ll get live updates about the ways your team performs investigations, raids, and rescue. You’ll also receive newsletters, incentives, and ideas on how to connect with and support your team on a more personal level.

Want to become a part of a Search and Rescue team?  Head over to the Search and Rescue page and sign up.  The FAQ page will provide answers to any other questions you may have. 

I love how Matt Parker, founder of the Exodus Road, describes the call to free people from sexual slavery:  “Justice is in the hands of the ordinary, and the world needs ordinary people to bring it.”  What better time than today, as we celebrate our freedom in the USA, to join this movement to free so many others worldwide!

Hire an Investigator.  Recover a Slave.


  1. Jin Ai@Mama, Hear Me Roar says:

    Wow, Alison. Thanks for sharing this important cause. We’ve been gifted with so much that we have a responsibility to come alongside those who don’t enjoy the freedoms we have. Stopping by from SITS.
    Jin Ai@Mama, Hear Me Roar recently posted..5 benefits of homemade natural yogurt (and a recipe)My Profile

    • Indeed, Jin Ai. We often don’t realize how perilous life is in other countries because the reality of trafficking seems distant to us, even though it’s going on in our own backyards as well.

  2. Wow, what an important cause to support. We’ll definitely look into this organization. It’s astounding to think that so little money could do so much to help women and children. –The Dose Girls
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..Pinterest Nightmare #001: The Nightmares That Started Them AllMy Profile

  3. What an amazing work! God has planted these investigators to rescue those without a voice. Thanks for using your blog to share the devastation of this tragedy and to allow others to become involved in the rescue efforts.

  4. Thanks so much Alison for bringing this to our attention! It’s sad that this crime is on the rise and even sadder that the solutions are out there, but so few people to work on their behalf. It is definitely a ministry my husband and I will be looking into for our church to support. Thanks again for informing us Alison and thanks for linking up…have a blessed rest of your week!
    Michell recently posted..“Doing YOU WELL Wednesday #23…I’m baaack!!My Profile

    • You too, Michell, and thanks for considering supporting The Exodus Road. It is a coalition of hope for those who are being trafficked and sold into sexual slavery.

      And I’m so glad to have finally linked up! Been meaning to do so for a while. Slowly but surely I’m getting there… LOL!
      Alison recently posted..Search and rescue: When freedom depends on usMy Profile

  5. You are doing an amazing job keeping the efforts of the Exodus Road in the fore front. We take for granted the freedoms afforded to us. I’m always convicted and compelled when I read these posts. I’m putting them on my “short” list and will visit their website this week. Blessings to you my friend!
    Hope recently posted..How can you tell when a person is drowning?My Profile

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