Shaken, not stirred!

Soooo… who woke up today thinking that we’d be shaking our tail feathers (or shaking in our tail feathers) before the day was over?  No show of hands?  Thought so.  

Well, your girl is fine… now.  At the time it was so surreal that I couldn’t even think straight.  I did everything but what I ought to have done.  

When the filing cabinet began to do the rumba and rumble, my head did not make the connection immediately.  Then when the computer monitor started moving and I felt myself arbitrarily swaying in the chair, my first reaction was:  “Get me the heck out of Dodge!”  

So instead of doing the correct thing, I bolted out of my office, leaving ID, bag, everything behind.  Other coworkers were spilling outside into the corridor and one lady had wisely walked with her ID, so I was able to get outside.  

Was I ever shaking?!?!  All I wanted to do was sit or lie down.  By the time we looked around, the neighboring government buildings were spewing out people as well.  Someone checked online and found out that it was, at that time, a 5.8 earthquake with an epicenter in Northern Virginia.  As more of us congregated, we marveled at the suddenness of the tremors and our luck that it hadn’t been worse.

When we got back inside, I found pictures hanging precariously in my office and some of my tchochkes turned over, and the main drawer of my credenza had mysteriously pulled itself open.  I called my mom and received some calls, and then they let us out early so I headed to Maryland to see what had happened at home:

More stuff overturned (see the Inspector General posing in the second to last photo; that cross on the floor is usually atop that CD stand.).

I’m just grateful to God that it wasn’t worse, guys.  Thanks for your prayers and concern!

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