Okay, now what?

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“Be careful what you ask for,” they say.  They’re right! I participated in a SITS (the Secret is In The Sauce) “Comment Love” challenge for bloggers a few weeks ago.  We had five days to comment on 75 blogs and potentially receive 75 comments.  Yeah.   😯 A week later, Embrace the Struggle had its … Read More

Ask Away Friday with Miss Dre @ So She Writes

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Today is my birthday, guys! I turn 25 yet again.   😛   I reneged on the idea of a blog vacation in order to swap questions with Miss Dre at So She Writes for this week’s Ask Away Friday meme.   I met Dre through our mutual blogging friend Michelle at Radiant Brown Beauty,  We … Read More

Very Inspiring Blogger Award


My fellow blogger That Darn Kat bestowed the Very Inspiring Blogger Award upon me, to my great surprise!  So, abiding by the rules of the award, I’m honoring seven of my blogging peers and sharing seven facts about myself.  Here goes! Rules: Display the award logo on your blog. (See above) State seven facts about … Read More