For the love of the English language


I don’t want to be pegged as the Grammar Gestapo or the Spelling Special Squad.  Lord knows the post is above my pay grade, 😉 and I don’t have the patience for it. But, for the love of the English language, can we (users of all forms of social media) please employ even a passing … Read More

Embracing “focus” in 2014

OneWord2014 FOCUS

I took off the last two weeks from blogging, and I really enjoyed the break.  Truth be told, I needed it! As much as I felt neutral about 2014 towards the end of last year, God (yet again!) surprised me with a One Word for 2014.   Yes. Focus. Often during 2013, I would find … Read More

Take Me to your foolishness!


Yesterday I felt icky and “ugh” emotionally.  I know; great description from someone who works with words every day…  😉  But I was dealing with changes and losses, and I felt the tears pushing their way to the surface.  I did not want to go there, especially at work.  Inwardly, I cried out to God … Read More

Guest post at Positively Shining

Excited to announce my first guest post!  Step on over to Positively Shining and check it out!