Looking for Lilly

lilly 111

As a token of appreciation for donating to one of the brothel raids carried out by The Exodus Road, I received a “Freedom Rock,” with the name “Lilly” on it.  Lilly was one of the girls who had been rescued. Her name was hand-painted on the rock by an artist, and on the back of … Read More

Excess baggage

excess baggage1

Sometimes a word keeps showing up in your life and you just can’t sweep it under the proverbial rug.  Recently, mine has been “excess.”  As in, excess spending, working, thinking, supplements, hair products, skin products, shoes, food, clothes, blogs in my reader, books in my Kindle.  You get the picture. How did this happen?  Slowly, almost … Read More

Holding on for dear life


  I wish someone could shoot a video of me packing my suitcase for my Christmas trip home, especially when it gets to crunch time.  See me weighing myself, then hopping on the scale and trying to lift each suitcase.  Then the cries of despair when I realize I have to rearrange items so that neither suitcase is over … Read More