Diary of an un-wimpy Christian

Christian martyrs

A friend sent me an e-mail yesterday that moved me deeply and challenged  my faith.  In it, she shared how the 12 apostles died.  It was not information for the faint of heart.  To share just a few of their fates: Matthew was killed by the sword in Ethiopia. Mark was dragged by horses through the … Read More

Battle of the but

faith it

God is bigger than your but. Hey, keep your minds elevated!  There was one “t” in the last word of that very first sentence.  So yes, God is bigger than your but, no matter the form it takes.  Big, small, overpowering, underwhelming–to God, it’s no big whoop. The thing is, our buts tend to be … Read More

Why “hidden work” matters

hidden woman

I’ve never liked the limelight.  I’ve always considered myself a behind-the-scenes person whose “hidden work” benefited those who stood out front and received the adulation. Well, I can always depend on God to challenge my self-perception and teach me some life lessons in the process. I’ve been noticing that He keeps placing me among people … Read More

Monday Melody – In the Middle (Isaac Carree)


Song/Album:  “In the Middle” by Isaac Carree on the album Uncommon Me. Why it made the cut: I’ve loved this song from the first time I heard it on the radio last year!  Isaac Carree has managed to merge a fun, throwback-to-the-old-days sound with a serious message on the importance of praise in the midst of tight … Read More