What I believe in


Thanks to Arlett over at Chasing Joy, I decided to take some time to think about the things I truly believe in.  So, here goes.  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and beliefs in the comments! What I believe in…   God Father, Son, Holy Spirit.  Eternal, indivisible, immutable. Tractor-trailer loads of laughter  At least … Read More

A Thanksgiving Prayer

I have a Thanksgiving Day tradition:  I pull out all of the thank-you cards and letters I’ve saved in my color-soaked card boxes and read them as reminders of the grace that is attached to gratitude.  I give thanks  to God for His blessings, particularly for the friends and family who have taken the time to thank … Read More

Interview with Carline Brice of HavServe Volunteer Service Network

carline rev 1

  I’m delighted to present the second in the interview series hosted by Embrace the Struggle (ETS)!  Our guest today is Ms. Carline Brice, the founder and director of HavServe Volunteer Service Network.  Read the excerpts from the interview below to see how she and her team are making a difference in rural Haiti.   You can … Read More

How to give from the heart this Christmas

Gonna keep it short and sweet:  My prayer this season is that people will give and not stop giving. But I’m not talking about typical giving.  You see, we’re so caught up in the giddy high of the physical gift-giving that has become synonymous with Christmas that we’ve forgotten how to give what matters:  the … Read More