A different Christmas list


Can I interest you in creating a different Christmas list? Amidst the buying frenzy of the holidays Long after the Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays and Giving Tuesdays are over While you make your list and check it twice…   Can I encourage you to remember those who  Are bought over and over, sometimes up … Read More

Sex Trade 101, Part II: Innocence lost


I can’t think of a more heartbreaking aspect of sexual trafficking than the trauma endured by young children who are used and abused sexually.  This is the reality of the sex trade.  Innocence lost.  Lives imperiled.  Hopelessness and despair.  Emotional and mental abuse.  Lifelong scars.  Shorted lifespans.   Blogging with The Exodus Road has been an eye-opener. … Read More

On a watch for freedom…


It’s always a privilege to blog on behalf of The Exodus Road!  Since I got on board in January, it’s been a steep yet swift learning curve regarding human trafficking and sex slavery.   To me, remaining indifferent to 27 million persons enslaved throughout the world today is to truly be callous.  Their plight cries out to be … Read More

Conveying others from darkness to light

generation freedom

This week’s liberation of three young women held captive against their will for a decade in Ohio left me immensely jubilant.  It came on the heels of a huge raid in Mumbai, India, last week during which 89 girls, including 32 minors, were freed from a dance bar/brothel where they had been held in sexual slavery. … Read More

Hailing the heroes in the war against human trafficking

help the helpless

Few issues resonate as deeply within me as the trafficking of women and minors for sex.  To quote the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah, it is a fire shut up in my bones.  I mourn the potential lost through all forms of slavery:  the great thinkers, engineers, artists, and leaders whose lives were snuffed out by … Read More

Still horrified…

Three months ago, I wrote about several injustices that were really getting to me.  One of them was the fact that despite the passage of 18 months since the January 12, 2010, earthquake in Haiti, hundreds of thousands of Haitians, particularly in the capital, Port-au-Prince, were still living in deplorable conditions under tarps and in … Read More