Five books that changed me in 2012


I ended 2012 having read many good books and sampled numerous others on my Kindle.  These five, however, challenged me, caused me discomfort sometimes, and often reframed my thinking.  Here they are–the five books that changed me in 2012: Hungry for Change by Mark Hyman, James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch “Hungry for Change” breaks down … Read More

Saturday Soup – New Year, New Soup!

saturday soup 1

Welcome to the first edition of Saturday Soup, Embrace the Struggle’s roundup of things bright and beautiful on the Interwebs this week.  And what better time to begin than in January, National Soup Month! Growing up back home in the Caribbean, Saturday soup was a meal worth salivating over. My grandma would throw everything in … Read More