Okay, now what?

Preapproved 1

“Be careful what you ask for,” they say.  They’re right! I participated in a SITS (the Secret is In The Sauce) “Comment Love” challenge for bloggers a few weeks ago.  We had five days to comment on 75 blogs and potentially receive 75 comments.  Yeah.   😯 A week later, Embrace the Struggle had its … Read More

Not fitting in


I’m in January mode:  a bit mellow after the holidays but abuzz with dreams and hopes that I’m eager to see realized.  With those dreams and hopes comes a putting on of the “big girl pants”:  paying attention to and acting decisively on matters about which I’ve been lax or disinterested.  Like creating a will … Read More

Embracing “focus” in 2014

OneWord2014 FOCUS

I took off the last two weeks from blogging, and I really enjoyed the break.  Truth be told, I needed it! As much as I felt neutral about 2014 towards the end of last year, God (yet again!) surprised me with a One Word for 2014.   Yes. Focus. Often during 2013, I would find … Read More

Three things I know to be true


These three things I know to be true.   There are others, but these are the primary ones right now.   I am loved, and I am the giver of love. Even when everything in life seems to be saying the opposite,  you know that you know that you know that your love bucket can … Read More

How to give from the heart this Christmas

Gonna keep it short and sweet:  My prayer this season is that people will give and not stop giving. But I’m not talking about typical giving.  You see, we’re so caught up in the giddy high of the physical gift-giving that has become synonymous with Christmas that we’ve forgotten how to give what matters:  the … Read More

If nobody read along

  Been thinking about motives a lot recently.  Why do I do what I do?  What’s really behind my doing?  Pure motives or a hidden agenda?     A case in point is blogging.     I started blogging because I felt that it was a viable outlet for the many things that are on … Read More