No “shade” from the Son

shade from the sun

One of the advantages of observing Lent is the opportunity to strip away what might be hindering our Christian walk and to focus on what really matters:  our relationship with Jesus and the immense sacrifice He made to reconcile us to the Father. Although I love the comforting words of Romans 8, the beauty of Romans … Read More

Got Superpowers?

wonder woman

I’ve been ruminating on the concept of  superpowers for a while now.  I’m not talking about nation states considered to be the mightiest of them all, but the human traits that can produce miraculous changes in people’s lives. This week (it had to be the week when I planned to write on superpowers!!) some bloggers … Read More

How will we receive them?

little girl hugs

The floor above mine at work was the land of big personalities and even bigger egos, a sound stage on which a melange of languages and nationalities coexisted warily.  And when one “less than favorite” coworker transitioned out of the department, there was much buzz. There was even more buzz when she came back after … Read More

A different Christmas list


Can I interest you in creating a different Christmas list? Amidst the buying frenzy of the holidays Long after the Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays and Giving Tuesdays are over While you make your list and check it twice…   Can I encourage you to remember those who  Are bought over and over, sometimes up … Read More

Ten Things of Thankful

TenThingsBanner (1)

A few weeks ago, my blogging buddy Dana at Kiss My List took part in the “Ten Things of Thankful “blog hop.  Lizzi at Considerings began the hop as a means of encouraging bloggers to “seek the good things” in their lives each week.   I made a mental note that this would be a … Read More

The lifter of my head

lifter of my head

In those seasons (which we all experience at some time or another) when you don’t feel able to lift a finger, much more put one foot in front of the other, it’s good to remember that Jesus is the lifter of your head. He carries us along when we have no strength left.  Hallelujah! Have … Read More

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church


Today is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP). Asia Bibi has been a poster child for persecution against Christians since 2009 when she was beaten, arrested, and sentenced to death by hanging for the trumped-up charge of blasphemy against the prophet Muhammad. Hundreds of thousands of Christians continue to suffer various … Read More

Persecuted church: Following becomes costly


With the 2013 International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) being observed this coming Sunday, November 10, I’ve been ruminating about when following becomes costly, as in, risking one’s very life for faith in Christ.   Imagine being confined, tortured, left destitute, or murdered simply because of your faith.  This is the daily … Read More

A Thanksgiving Prayer

I have a Thanksgiving Day tradition:  I pull out all of the thank-you cards and letters I’ve saved in my color-soaked card boxes and read them as reminders of the grace that is attached to gratitude.  I give thanks  to God for His blessings, particularly for the friends and family who have taken the time to thank … Read More

Creating peace in the midst of the storm

You know something is a tad out of sync when you almost welcome the presence of a hurricane because it means you can have a few days at home.  In relative peace. I made sure to do due diligence pre-Sandy in case she really decided to show off on Maryland.Water?  Check.  Nonperishable food?  Check.  Coolers, … Read More