Today the special is: Humble Pie

I can’t honestly say I enjoy being humbled by God, but once the pouting is over, I recognize that something good will result from Him putting me firmly in my place.     Photo credit:  Irene Sneddon Photography And no, He did not give me a public smackdown (so grateful for grace!), but He got my attention … Read More

Persecuted but not abandoned

Isn’t it amazing how many liberties we take for granted?For example, I presume daily that I will travel to and from my home, go to work, share my faith, and attend church services without fear or intimidation.Such presumption is not an option, however, for hundreds of thousands of Christians worldwide. A History of Violence In this past century alone, an … Read More

Am I? … I Am!

  Okay, so you’re wondering about this struggle that I am recommending that you embrace.  Tricia already asked me that back in February, before this blog was a gleam in my eye.    Remember, Tricia?  No?  Oh well.  They say the mind is the first to go, luv.  😉 But I digress. 🙂 Here’s the thing.  … Read More