For the love of the English language


I don’t want to be pegged as the Grammar Gestapo or the Spelling Special Squad. ¬†Lord knows the post is above my pay grade, ūüėČ and I don’t have the patience for it. But, for the love of the English language, can we (users of all forms of social media) please employ even a passing … Read More

Best in Show

I love to observe human nature and smile (when I don’t just burst out laughing) at some of the lunacy that passes itself off as normal behavior.Cue Best in Show. ¬†Best in Show¬†is the title given to the dog that wins the Westminster Kennel Club trophy for being the overall perfect dog among the thousands … Read More

Wisdom from the road well travelled

I spend upwards of two hours driving to and from work each day. ¬†It opens up a world of opportunity to glean what I like to call “road wisdom.”1. ¬† ¬† Perhaps your wig/weave/extensions are in too tight? ¬†That might explain why you’re lurching from one lane to the next while you try to smoke, … Read More