Sex Trade 101, Part II: Innocence lost


I can’t think of a more heartbreaking aspect of sexual trafficking than the trauma endured by young children who are used and abused sexually.  This is the reality of the sex trade.  Innocence lost.  Lives imperiled.  Hopelessness and despair.  Emotional and mental abuse.  Lifelong scars.  Shorted lifespans.   Blogging with The Exodus Road has been an eye-opener. … Read More

Sex trade 101: Global, national, local


The Exodus Road and its team of bloggers are launching Sex Trade 101, an information campaign aimed at providing our readers with basic education on the sex trafficking trade.  Welcome to your first class!   Doing the math  Be vigilant, be aware!  Sex trafficking is happening in our very neighborhoods.  No place is immune to this … Read More

Conveying others from darkness to light

generation freedom

This week’s liberation of three young women held captive against their will for a decade in Ohio left me immensely jubilant.  It came on the heels of a huge raid in Mumbai, India, last week during which 89 girls, including 32 minors, were freed from a dance bar/brothel where they had been held in sexual slavery. … Read More

The award goes to…

James and Matt

 No, I’m not pre-empting the Academy Awards!  I’m part of the blogging crew at The Exodus Road, and I’m committed to posting monthly on their amazing work, mostly in South East Asia, fighting modern-day slavery through covert investigations.  A few weeks ago, I blogged for the first time for The Exodus Road blog on the difficult work … Read More