Less Christianese, please?


I learned a language by osmosis.  Never opened a book or took a class!  I speak Christianese.  Do you?  Do you know anyone who does? Well, to be more accurate, I used to speak Christianese.  I still do, to a certain extent, but I see myself as a recovering Christianese speaker.  I’m not in a … Read More

For the love of the English language


I don’t want to be pegged as the Grammar Gestapo or the Spelling Special Squad.  Lord knows the post is above my pay grade, 😉 and I don’t have the patience for it. But, for the love of the English language, can we (users of all forms of social media) please employ even a passing … Read More

In which I dream of grace upon grace upon grace

canyon trees

I had a lovely, weekend-long dream from which I’m hard pressed to awaken. I was at a retreat, nestled in a scenic canyon in the Hill Country of Texas.  I had to be driven through a river to get there.  And once I got there, I couldn’t use my cell phone.  I certainly must be … Read More

A Tree of Life

Thought I’d share a “Word picture” with you all this Thursday.  I took this photo while on my mini retreat last weekend.  Enjoy! I’ll be back to my regular Thursday posts next week.   What do you do to maintain a “wholesome tongue”?

Life in the slow (reading) lane

I took all of 2011 to read one book of the Bible, the Gospel according to John.  One. Full. Year. Yes, me:  a bookworm from birth, Kindle addict, information junkie, and former read-the-Bible-in-a-year proponent.   What went wrong?  Well, who says something went wrong?  Perhaps God was just trying to get my attention so that … Read More

Winning the war of (fewer) words

  “Shut mouth catch no fly!” is what we say in the Caribbean to indicate the merits of knowing when to keep silent.  Perhaps more than any other century, the 21st is characterized by talk.  Turn on the computer, television, phone, radio, GPS–talk is the order of the day.  It’s the age of TMI, oversharing, … Read More