No “shade” from the Son

shade from the sun

One of the advantages of observing Lent is the opportunity to strip away what might be hindering our Christian walk and to focus on what really matters:  our relationship with Jesus and the immense sacrifice He made to reconcile us to the Father. Although I love the comforting words of Romans 8, the beauty of Romans … Read More

Everything that counts


I love this statue of Albert Einstein!  It’s just a few blocks away from my office.  It invariably brings out a playful spirit in the many tourists who take pictures there.   Einstein was a genius whose many quotes reverberate with wisdom and deep thought.  Among my favorites is this one: “Not everything that counts … Read More

How will we receive them?

little girl hugs

The floor above mine at work was the land of big personalities and even bigger egos, a sound stage on which a melange of languages and nationalities coexisted warily.  And when one “less than favorite” coworker transitioned out of the department, there was much buzz. There was even more buzz when she came back after … Read More

In which I dream of grace upon grace upon grace

canyon trees

I had a lovely, weekend-long dream from which I’m hard pressed to awaken. I was at a retreat, nestled in a scenic canyon in the Hill Country of Texas.  I had to be driven through a river to get there.  And once I got there, I couldn’t use my cell phone.  I certainly must be … Read More

For all these things


“In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” We officially celebrate Thanksgiving this week, but thanksgiving should be our default setting as Christians. My mind wandered this week to the song “For All These Things,” sung by Twila Paris and Wintley Phipps on the album “Savior” almost … Read More

Looking for Lilly

lilly 111

As a token of appreciation for donating to one of the brothel raids carried out by The Exodus Road, I received a “Freedom Rock,” with the name “Lilly” on it.  Lilly was one of the girls who had been rescued. Her name was hand-painted on the rock by an artist, and on the back of … Read More

The lifter of my head

lifter of my head

In those seasons (which we all experience at some time or another) when you don’t feel able to lift a finger, much more put one foot in front of the other, it’s good to remember that Jesus is the lifter of your head. He carries us along when we have no strength left.  Hallelujah! Have … Read More

Every step of the way


I’m on my second year going through Holley Gerth’s daily devotional calendar, excerpted above.  As I read that message last week, I focused on the words “moving forward” and recalled Israel Houghton’s song by that name.  We are never static in God, even in the in-between times in which we feel quagmired.  He is with … Read More

In praise of “praise pauses”


I love it when God gets up in my face and confronts my spiritual lethargy! I was complaining about how lackluster my spiritual life had become, and the Holy Spirit pointed out that the spirit of praise and thanksgiving in my life had petered out.  I couldn’t–and wouldn’t–even try to argue with Him.  Knowing the … Read More


A metallic chain with an explosed link.

I’m always amazed at how God will let events converge so that I can be unchained from the not-so-necessary and so be able to receive from Him what is truly necessary.  His patience with and grace toward me are priceless! I’m a Type A (mostly), so whether it’s relationships, work, play, health, or social media, … Read More