Ten Things of Thankful

A few weeks ago, my blogging buddy Dana at Kiss My List took part in the “Ten Things of Thankful “blog hop.  Lizzi at Considerings began the hop as a means of encouraging bloggers to “seek the good things” in their lives each week.  

I made a mental note that this would be a great Thanksgiving Day post, so here are my Ten Things of Thankful for this week! 

1.  The God who is worthy of all thanks

Thank you, Lord, for your grace and goodness and mercy and love!  I recall the lyrics to Jesus Culture‘s song:  “Your love never fails, It never gives up, It never runs out on me!”

2.  Getting to meet online friends for the first time

Me and D1

Deidra and I have been blogging buddies for about two years now.  We met in real life (IRL) just under a week ago.  I’m so blessed by association.  Long live disco music!   😀

3.  A  job

I have friends who’ve been out of work for a while, and others who don’t have enough work to sustain them financially.  Hearing their struggles sobers me up when I’m on the verge of griping.  I’ve been working at the same place for 21 years!  #iwontcomplain

4.  Cute boots

Y’all know I had to bring the cuteness into my thanksgiving!  It’s been so cold the last few days, and these little hotties have been lifesavers, along with some cozy socks.  Nordstrom Rack, I love you!

PicMonkey Collage - boots

5.  The retreat

I can’t express how much the time spent on the 1,900 acres of bliss called the H.E. Butt Foundation Camp regulated my mind and spirit.  I recommend any retreat, but this one here is the business!

 H.E. Butt Foundation Camp

6.  My mom

There was no cell phone reception at the retreat, so I did not have my nightly chat with my mom.  Can I tell you guys how much I missed our check-ins?  Grateful to be able to talk with her each day.  Hugs, mom!

7.  The American Airlines clerk at the San Antonio airport

Bad weather in Dallas caused several flight cancellations on Sunday.  I had nowhere to go back to; the retreat was two hours away from San Antonio.  I prayed silently as she searched for alternative flights.  Bingo!  Over to Delta I was sent, and I landed in Baltimore only an hour later than I would have on the original schedule. 

San Antonio airport 2

Old-fashioned suitcases stacked together into gigantic circle in the San Antonio Airport.


8.  People who pray at the drop of a hat 

I shared two heavy prayer requests with my girl Amy, and her response was to immediately go to prayer.  I <3 you, prayer warriors!  You stand in the gap for others without fanfare and often with little recognition.

me and amy3

9.  Friends from way back when

We haven’t seen each other since … gosh, I don’t know when!  But it doesn’t really matter.  We get it in when we can.  Grateful for so many sisters from other mothers.  This one here gets my special hug of the week!  Happy Thanksgiving, Fab-ulous!

Me and Fab 1

10.  The opportunity to serve today  

I’m hooking up with my good friend Norma of Embracing Our Pearls Of Wisdom (EOPOW), who’s preparing Thanksgiving dinner for 75 seniors in Washington, D.C.  Volunteering is truly empowering!  

What’s your top reason to be thankful today?


  1. I adore your list! (Your boots are fabulous and I LOVE that suitcase sculpture at the airport. So cool!) I am thankful for so much including knowing friends like you! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving filled with love today!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..Gobble, Gobble!My Profile

    • I’m thankful for you and Ashley, Lisa. You guys bring the comic relief on many a day when I’m saying “Why, Lord, why?” regarding whatever is the current mayhem closing in on me.

      Isn’t the sculpture the bomb? I love to see creativity so perfectly expressed.

      All the best this beautiful Thanksgiving Day!
      Alison recently posted..Ten Things of ThankfulMy Profile

  2. I’m partial to #3 because, hello, disco music and Deidra, duh. And #8, because the pic, two beautiful people and #4 because it IS ALL about the boots. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving
    tammy@meadows speak recently posted..when you need a safe place to fall apart–Thanksgiving thoughts {#2 of Laity Lodge, High Calling Retreat}My Profile

  3. I feel the same way about cute boots.
    And wow – 21 years at the same job. That’s amazing! I lasted four at one job and I was pretty proud of myself. I think the photography thing? That will stick around.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!
    Tamara recently posted..Laughter and Meltdowns.My Profile

  4. Wonderful list Ali! I’ve got a few long time friends as well…one for 35 years, and my oldest and closest friend, 32 years!
    Michelle recently posted..GratitudeMy Profile

  5. Norma Hardie says:

    Beautiful! I love you forever!! So happy you were available to serve.

    • It was a true joy to be there and to participate, Norma. This is the true meaning of Thanksgiving: giving to others and sharing in the giving of thanks. So happy that in obedience, you choose to serve. This is your spiritual act of worship (Rom 12: 1-2).

  6. Norma Hardie says:

    Embracing Our Pearls of Wisdom, Inc. (EOPOW)

  7. What a gorgeous list of gratitude my friend!! I soaked in all of it, through you- about you- and loved every last bit of getting to know you better, as I read all your blessings. I thank God for such things. I would love to hear more about your retreat! Share please!!!

    I do hope you had a beautiful holiday, dear friend. God bless YOU for always being a BLESSING. XOXO
    Chris Carter recently posted..Thanksgiving Every DayMy Profile

  8. Your boots are SO cute!! I love that you got to meet a bloggy friend in real life! I think that is my new favorite thing to do 🙂 Awesome that there was a prayer warrior there to stand in the gap for you and yay for the american airlines clerk! Great list 🙂
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted..(Black) Friday Fitness Check In: #turkeyburn Recap & Deceptive MirrorsMy Profile

  9. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Alison. So glad you participated in this hop – I feel like you are always so good about taking the time to be thankful. And I love how God, family, friends and boots all made your list – they are all worth celebrating!
    Dana recently posted..Ask Away, Tamara!My Profile

    • Yes indeed, Dana. The blessings are all-encompassing and far-reaching. Couldn’t leave out my boots! I remembered how cute yours were in your Ten Things of Thankful post. Thanks for being the conduit for me to discover Lizzie’s site and her great blog hop. I’ll be joining up with her tomorrow.
      Alison recently posted..Ten Things of ThankfulMy Profile

  10. i’m with you on the job. #iwontcomplain. we are so lucky and blessed to be fully employed.
    catherine gacad recently posted..Everyday is ThanksgivingMy Profile

  11. Perfect Thanksgiving post. #3 is definitely a blessing, there is a lot of people who can’t say that. LOVE the boots! #7 AMAZING 😉 Glad you made it home safe and relatively on time.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted..A Christopherism ThanksgivingMy Profile

  12. I am with you on the cute boots, actually I think I have too many boots only need to lively up the colors.
    Thank you for choosing a great pic to go along with my “fabulousness.” My wonderful niece (the second one of those you have met personally) also thinks I am fabulous however, she has proven the fact that love is blind. She chose the most unflattering pic of me with her to post on Gmail “me and Aunt Fabie” My conclusion, love is blind.
    Thank you for many years of faithful friendship, I hope you know you are special, you are loved.

  13. What an awesome way to give back for Thanksgiving. I can’t imagine not talking to my Mother each day…how many days was this retreat, lol? The retreat truly sounds refreshing. I love things like that!

    Great list Alison!
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted..Thanksgiving Gratitude – This Blog is My BabyMy Profile

    • The retreat was a breath of fresh air. Barely three days in all, but it felt far longer. The friendships formed were worth the price of registration, and much, much more. I can’t wait to return next year!

  14. old friends , new friends… people who do their jobs well….having a job! All of these are fab… but BOOTS too! HA! Ya gotta love people you haven’t seen in ages and it feels like you never stopped seeing them!

    • Zoe, it’s a huge blessing to have old, trusted friends and to embark on new friendships that hold so much potential. And the boots, hey, I’m loving them! LOL!

  15. This is such an amazing list! I, too, enjoy the idea behind this blog hop. We tend to only be grateful in our society around holidays. Gratitude is so important to have every single day. I enjoy reading your blog because I know you didn’t need this blog hop to share all that you are thankful for. I see your gratitude in every post you share! xo
    Brittnei recently posted..Feature Friday- Week 2My Profile

    • Aw, thanks Brittnei! I really try to be intentional about being grateful all the time. I know sometimes I can get down in the mouth, so gratitude snaps me out of that negative mindset and keeps my mind on all the good stuff that I’m privileged to enjoy in my life.



  16. Many things to be thankful for indeed! Thanks for sharing with us!

  17. Alison, I am so, so thrilled that you saw Dana’s list and ‘followed it home’, so to speak. There is NOTHING about your list I don’t love, and am so excited to ‘meet’ you here on the hop.

    I love your photographs and enthusiasm, and that in spite of how wonderful you found the retreat, you really missed speaking with your mom each night. That’s a really special relationship you share.

    YAY! for meeting bloggers for the first time! I got to do that the other weekend, and it was very cool, even though it wasn’t a person I’m particularly close to. What a treat to have that experience.
    Considerer recently posted..TToT 26:2 Bezzie Things of ThankfulMy Profile

    • Hey Lizzi! I really love the concept behind the link-up. It’s been good to check out some other “Ten Things of Thankful.”

      It truly was a treat to meet up with Deidra and to make so many new friendships. The retreat was a highlight of the year for me. I’m excited about returning next year. Hopefully the weather will be better!

      Have a wonderful week, Lizzi!

      • I’m so glad you like it – thank you. It’s an exercise I found necessary to practice at a very low point in my life, many years ago – just finding things each day to be thankful for, to provide reason to keep going. Early this year, I found myself in the same situation (emotionally speaking, although the circumstances were different) and I resurrected the discipline on my blog (to try to keep accountable and MAKE myself engage with it. People talked – a LOT – about how good this was as an idea, and gradually, as life got better for me, the idea for Ten Things of Thankful was born, and it’s gone from strength to strength!

        New friendships are wonderful to make, and it’s lovely to see the photo where you both look so, so happy 🙂

        Have a wonderful week yourself 🙂
        Considerer recently posted..TToT 26:2 Bezzie Things of ThankfulMy Profile

  18. So glad you linked up your post this week. I love that your list includes both serious and fun items. That suitcase sculpture is really whimsical!
    Kristi recently posted..Ten Things of Thankful: Thanksgiving EditionMy Profile

    • The minute I saw the suitcase sculpture, I knew I had to take a photo, Kristi. It is one of a kind! And yes, you’re right, I did include fun and serious stuff without even planning to!

  19. Love those boots Ms Alison. When we cultivate an attitude of gratitude it’s amazing just how much we more we see to be thankful for. I’m certainly thankful that our paths crossed. Wishing you a great week ahead.
    Wanda recently posted..Blogging BreakMy Profile

  20. Welcome to the 10 Things of Thankful! (also known as the TToT) I so enjoy going around seeing what makes everyone happy each week.
    Sounds like you’ve had lots of opportunities to get together with all sorts of friends recently. A blessing, indeed.
    That is one cool bit of physics with those suitcases. I’ve seen arches, but never a full circle.
    .Volunteering is a wonderful thing to do. It is empowering and fortifying and humbling and so many other feel-good things. I love hearing about people getting involved and being a blessing to others.
    Have a lovely Sunday!
    christine recently posted..TToT, Week 26My Profile

    • Hey Christine! Thanks so much for checking out my Ten Things! It was such fun to do this post and to link up with you guys.

      I stood in awe at the suitcases in the airport in San Antonio. Is it cool or what?

      I don’t ever forget how blessed I am with the friendships I have been privileged to partake in. Hopefully Ten Things of Thankful will be yet another source of friendships!

      Have a great week, Christine!
      Alison recently posted..The heavens are tellingMy Profile

  21. First off, I love the title of your blog! I came here via the TT0T hop because I saw “Embrace the Struggle” and knew I had to check it out! It is totally by embracing the struggle that we embrace life. So easy to say, but not always so easy to remember – but I had been reminding myself this very morning!
    I love that suitcase sculpture, and I love that you’ve included friends from way back when and from online. Friends are so important in life. Your mom sounds very important too. I guess it’s the connections we make that make life worthwhile, that enable us to embrace the struggle! Great post.
    Yvonne recently posted..Thank you, thank you, thank you.My Profile

    • You hit the nail on the head, Yvonne: our connections, our community, are the cement for all the relationships that matter.
      How cool that you’ve got the same name as my mom! I won’t forget you!
      Here’s to another week in which to embrace all the struggles that come your way.
      Alison recently posted..The heavens are tellingMy Profile

  22. Welcome to the TToT, Alison!
    It is always exciting and gratifying to see a new Post arrive on Saturday.. at ‘the bloghop that Lizzi built’ sounds like an exciting travel adventure, isn’t always amazing how much things can go from ‘dire and no hope in sight’ to ‘here, this is how things can be: different but just as good’.
    clark recently posted..no, really …today is Saturday? the Wakefield Doctrine …when routines are disrupted I’m thankful I’m not a roger or a scottMy Profile

  23. “The bloghop that Lizzi built”… love it, Clark! I think she built a great thing, and I’m happy to be participating.


    Alison recently posted..The heavens are tellingMy Profile

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