The blessing of obedience

Happy Easter, everyone!  I know; I’m a bit early…  😆  It’s just that I really love Easter (yes, even more than Christmas!)  Consider the empty tomb!  He truly is risen.

Well, I’ve been guest posting over at Gospel Fit for their Lenten Challenge, thanks to my friend Gillian at Fitnessbuster who kindly extended an invitation to write two blog posts.   Below is an excerpt from my guest post on Monday, March 25.  Check it out!   As Lent comes to an end, please read some of the posts by the other Lenten Challenge guest bloggers as well.


Here’s a taste: 

I see a progression here:

  • To be blessed, we must obey.
  • To obey, we must hear.
  • To hear, we must be attentive.
  • To be attentive, we must eliminate distractions, lofty thoughts, and the daily dust that gathers and clouds our vision and passion for God.

There doesn’t seem to be any room for partial obedience, which we know is no obedience at all.

But wait, you say! God knows my heart!  To which I respond by pointing you to Jeremiah 17:9:

“The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?”

We deceive ourselves if we think that we can give God less than full obedience and expect to reap the benefits of His unconditional love. No obedience, no blessing. To the misguided thought that we can collect blessings and not obey, God gently and consistently says: “no.”

Please join me over at Gospel Fit to read the entire post.  Share your thoughts and reactions, especially about obeying in order to be blessed.  Is it  a form of legalism and works, or is it simply a way of showing God how much we love Him?  


  1. headed there now.
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  2. Oh wow… that is powerful. On my way over to read the rest. I really need this today!
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