The heavens are telling

I love to be in a plane, literally seated in a bed of clouds.  Makes me think of heaven and what will occur in the skies one fine, final day.  Do you think about it?  The heavens are telling, indeed!

sky 111

Maranatha!  Come, Lord Jesus!

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone.



  1. I often pray come Lord Jesus, somehow looking at the field, I wonder whether I am being selfish. Then I think, didn’t the Apostle Paul say that he too was caught between two thoughts. Unlike Paul, I know exactly what I want. I just want to go according to Manuel “up by Jesus.” Think about it often.

  2. Like you, I love to sit by a window in a plane. The clouds, the sky remind me of the greatness of our Creator. Have a blessed & joy filled weekend.
    Carol recently posted..Pomegranates: Fruit and SpiceMy Profile

  3. Isn’t it all a worship experience? You have a great one too, Carol.
    Alison recently posted..The heavens are tellingMy Profile

  4. Dear Allison
    Keeping our eyes fixed on the things of Heaven that are unseen are just the normal Christian Life, for we know that they are eternal!
    Blessings XX
    Mia recently posted..A Turbulent HeartMy Profile

  5. Love this verse! Yes, I do look up at the clouds quite a bit and think about how one day very soon the sky is going to open up, and Jesus will descend in all His glory. Can’t wait! 🙂

  6. I loved the photo & the Scripture you matched it with. Like you, I think the skies most often declare the majesty of God. The very way skies are different from day to day has often spoken to my heart that God does new things in our lives. Fresh & new. Yet the foundation, Him, remains the same. Thank you for reminding me to observe the skies today. And anticipate His coming!!!
    Joanne Viola recently posted..Fully ComeMy Profile

  7. For that reason and that reason alone is the only think I like about flying. I always saw to myself awwwweeeesome! I know this is probably no biggie for a Northerner but one time I flew over/around New Jersey and Deleware area and it was covered in snow. It was so breathtakinly beautiful with the sun shining on it. I am the same about endless bodies of water etc. We we flew to Japan though it was tiring, we saw the sun rise and set a couple of time. Weird but awesome.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted..Here’s the Season…My Profile

    • Awesome is the word, indeed, Kenya. Seeing that vast expanse of snow must have been quite thrilling from so many thousands of feet in the air. I probably only see sunrises when I’m flying out in the early morning hours. It’s quite the sight when you’re in the clouds!

  8. I have not been in a plane much so I can’t make that analogy.

    Karen Sheard has the most beautiful voice! What a wonderful song.
    Carla recently posted..Michelle at A Dish of Daily Life Dishes About It AllMy Profile

  9. I’m always captivated by the skyscape. Indeed they declare His glory. Have a lovely Sunday.
    Wanda recently posted..Blogging BreakMy Profile

  10. When I’m flying above the clouds, I think of large billows of cotton candy – so close but beyond my reach! Have a beautiful and blessed week!

  11. I always, always sit by the window. It calms me to be in the clouds. For sure, it’s heavenly.
    Tamara recently posted..And This Is How It’s Done.My Profile

  12. I don’t like to be in a plane, b/c of the airplane stuff, but I DO love to see the clouds when I’m above them. I often look forward to “flying” to heaven, or flying around and about when there, and truly rejoicing moment by moment. But your photo, the Words… fit in beautifully. Bless you…
    Joanne Norton recently posted..MY LIGHTMy Profile

  13. Ahhh…. another breathtaking moment from you as I picture the soft clouds and the endlessness of the sky. It’s vastness always reminds me how GREAT our Creator truly is… and how GLORIOUS it will be. XOXO
    Chris Carter recently posted..Devotional Diary: BreatheMy Profile

  14. In October me and my son went back to NJ to visit family for 2 weeks and I loved being up that high in the sky and showing my son the clouds and the earth from above. It truly was amazing! That’s an awesome scripture as well, love. Happy Sunday to you as well!
    BrittneiI was recently posted..Countdown in Style- Week 3My Profile

    • It must have been a great treat for you and your son to enjoy the view from up high! It’s precious to look at the reaction of children to things that we often take for granted or don’t pay much attention to. I know it must have been amazing!
      Alison recently posted..The heavens are tellingMy Profile

  15. Kristi Campbell says:

    Thank you for the lovely reminder to look outward today, and rember the beauty of God and all of his creations. It came at a good time for me, as I recently broke my hand and have been feeling sorry for myself and much too inward-focused. I love being on a plane as well.
    Kristi Campbell recently posted..How bargain hunting on Thanksgiving and Black Friday went wrongMy Profile

  16. I have never flown at all but I have seen some of the photos people share and omg so beautiful how can you not just take in a moment to appreciate the beauty of the heavens.
    Kita recently posted..Holly Jolly Film Festival at Fernbank MuseumMy Profile

    • Wow, Kita! Do you want to fly, or is it that you prefer not to? Travel has become a pain in the rear since 9/11. Before then, I loved getting into a plane. Now, not so much! But scenes like this one make up for all the hassle with early check-ins and security and all that jazz.

  17. I always feel EXACTLY the same way in an airplane! :)-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..How Are We Going To Keep Our HolidayZen This Season?My Profile

  18. Great photo and message as usual. I enjoyed the song!
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted..35 Ways to Celebrate Your BlogoversaryMy Profile

  19. I’ve never been on a plane…can you believe that, lol! My first experience will be when I go on my honeymoon! I can see how being in the sky would make one reflect on God’s great WORKS! Beautiful picture by the way!
    Sherelle recently posted..It’s Turkey Time: Thanksgiving FAVESMy Profile

  20. Hi Alison! Thank you for your visit today, and sharing a little about yourself. We can look to his creation to see how perfectly made everything is. All things have their role to bring us into his presence. Even the troublesome ones. They are just harder to see through…at least for me.

    Prayers for peace and calm are on the way.
    Ceil recently posted..Pockets Full of FaithMy Profile

  21. “All things have their role to bring us into his presence.” Yes indeed, Ceil. We just need to pay attention to them. Today, driving in to work, I saw a flock of birds, perhaps five of them. The day is cloudy, but they stood out. I thought of how seemingly effortless their flight looked. Yet, they are cared for by Him and remind us that each created being is under His watchful eye.



  22. It is breathtaking isn’t it Ali! I can only imagine my friend, when that day comes…I can only imagine! Thanks for sharing! xoxoxo
    Michell recently posted..Doing YOU WELL Wednesday #44 and a special birthdayMy Profile

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