The Un-Bucket List

Ever since the movie The Bucket List came out in 2007, there’s been much talk about the premise behind the movie:  taking decisive action to achieve the dreams you want to fulfill before you die.

What if we flipped the script?  What about those activities that wild horses couldn’t drag you to do even if you were one-sixteenth of an inch away from death’s door?  Here are five of my choices:

Nothing to do with heights.  That includes the Empire State Building, climbing atop Mount Kilimanjaro, bungee jumping, zip lining, sky diving, rock climbing…  You get the picture.

No Botox.  Let me age gracefully.  I want you to know with certainty the emotion that my face is expressing.  Ever tried to guess whether someone is surprised, upset, or stifling a laugh when the toxin Botox neutralizes her facial expressions?  Plus, the cost!  Hundreds of dollars every few months?  Fuggetaboutit!  

Nothing that involves blood or violence.  Nothing in the medical profession, although I give mad props to anyone working in that field.  So, no EMS, policing, or firefighting.  Also, no gang membership, no literal eye for eye and tooth for tooth.  No running of the bulls in Pamplona.  No observing of any of these activities.  Thanks for your support.

No tattoos.  Don’t get it twisted; I really do like tattoos … on other people.  I’ve seen some sleeves on guys that are true works of art, but the thought of sitting for hours while someone digs me with a needle is nerve-racking.  Plus, what if I want it taken off?  They say it’s worse in reverse.  I’ll pass.

Nothing to be accomplished on a stage or in front of a camera.   Nobody try to make a comic or actress out of me at this late innings of the game.  I’m a behind-the-scenes person, thank you very much; I don’t need the shine that others get from being front and center stage.

Soooo… what’s in your un-bucket?


  1. This is the best idea ever! Thank you for the prompt! I will be doing one of these as well! I’m glad you linked it up!

    I am not here for the tattoos!
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted..A Review of Les Mills BODYCOMBAT 56 : The MatrixMy Profile

    • Glad you like it, Joi! It was fun to put together. And yes, I’m not here for the tattoos (even the cute ones)! I sat next to a couple on my way here to Costa Rica, and the guy had his body covered in tattoos, even on his head. Guide Lee! (See, I now know how to use it!) LOL!
      Alison recently posted..What if we removed the mask?My Profile

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