The virus

Last week I had to carry my laptop to the computer surgeons, aka Geek Squad.  Turned out that Baby Girl was infected with a virus.  Actually, scratch that; she was infected with 25 viruses.

Yep.  Twenty-five viruses.  And her operating system was corrupted and needed to be cleaned out and restored. Advanced diagnostic and repair (ADR) was needed, they said.


Needless to say this news did not sit well with me.  Beside the inconvenience of not having the laptop for four days, I’ve been paying for antivirus protection and a host of other preventive measures for Baby Girl every year.

So how did this happen?

Truth be told, there had been some telltale signs:  

  • a sluggish booting up process;
  • popups that refused to go away;
  • comments on blogs I visit would never post or disappear;
  • inability to pin my own posts or add them to Google +;
  • No syncing of my devices with iTunes on the laptop.

So I paid the piper Geek Squad and got back Baby Girl, sans viruses. New antivirus protection was added, better internet security was established, and my data was backed up.

I could now pass “Go” and get back to life online as I had known it.

But, here’s the thing (to quote my friend Kenya):  the same situation was going on in my spiritual life.

I started reading up on viruses. I’m not the most scientifically minded person, so my eyes started glazing over at the technical descriptions. But this much caught my attention:

“The body’s first line of defence against viruses is the innate immune system, which protects against disease.”  

In other words, your immune system blocks viruses from entering your cells and destroying your health.  

Clearly, my spiritual immune system was jacked up. I had been functioning without protection, so an intrepid, cunning virus called sin had infiltrated my spiritual life and attempted to take me out:

  • It was taking me way too long to reclaim my regular time in my prayer room.  Prayer and intercession were spotty at best.
  • My “popups” were the social media and other distractions that I let keep me from my quiet time and even regular church attendance.
  • By giving other interests priority, I was denying God access to my life in order to reset my mind and heart to His liking.
  • God’s word to me wasn’t taking root because I was distracted and inattentive.
  • I couldn’t “pay forward” anything spiritually because I was disconnected spiritually.
  • There was limited synching between what God was trying to tell me and how I was living.

Unpretty, to say the least.

“Viruses are found wherever there is life and have probably existed since living cells first evolved.”  Sounds like a good metaphor for sin, doesn’t it?

Took me right to this verse:

“But I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.”  2 Corinthians 11:3

 Have you seen signs of a spiritual virus?  How are you protecting yourself from spiritual malware?


  1. What an interesting metaphor to use, Alison – and so accurate. It’s so easy to get distracted by the trappings of modern life and lose our focus (your word for 2014, right?) Regular unplugging is a way that I can reconnect to my faith and my family – making them a priority.
    Dana recently posted..The evolution of Valentine’s DayMy Profile

    • Dana, you’re right; I already am struggling to stick to my word for 2014. But I’m gonna struggle on and fight for my focus, including my spiritual focus!
      Alison recently posted..The virusMy Profile

  2. What a great metaphor Alison. Our immune system is our first line of defense, so image the chaos when our immune function is low. Virus, like sin does not infect the body just because it’s present; it infects the body because our defense is low (that’s why some people get sick and others don’t …with the same exposure).

    Thanks for this beautiful reminer. I need to continually build my spiritual immunity and not wait for the first sign of illness.
    Hope recently posted..Four Categories of Valentine FolksMy Profile

    • That’s a very valid point, Hope. It’s when our defences are low that we are most vulnerable to the effects of viruses. Here’s to a healthy antivirus tonic that will boost our defences and leave us in great spiritual shape!
      Alison recently posted..The virusMy Profile

  3. Wowzers! You really have your thinking cap on when it comes to inspiring us! I was in no way looking for that at the end. Ditto the previous 2 commenters! Excellent metaphor. Yes I’ve got one thing (not that there’s only 1) hanging over my head that I’d like to get in order. Thank you!
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted..15 Ways NOT to be Drunk in Love: My Name is NOT “Uh-Joi”My Profile

    • Thanks, Joi! Like you, I’ve got more than one thing that keeps creeping up on me. Obedience, as in quick obedience, is usually the best cure for such issues. 🙂

  4. Isn’t it amazing how sometimes we can find the parallels in these kinds of situations in life? So glad your computer and you are feeling better. :)-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..Raise Your Hand If Your Partner Rocks Valentine’s Day!My Profile

  5. What a fantastic metaphor!
    And I’m really glad to hear (and imagine) that in both ways, the viruses are curable. Well..treatable, maybe. I guess viruses have to run their course and then vanish.
    Tamara recently posted..Time To Get Juicy With Valentine’s Old School Blogging!My Profile

    • I wish all viruses would vanish, but some don’t (e.g. HIV/AIDS). But I do get your point, Tamara, with regard to the ones I raised in the post. Here’s to a virus free (or virus-lite) world!

  6. By reading the title and the intro, I never would have guessed that this post had such a deep meaning. In fact, I was about to ask if you had a Mac lol. You’ve made me think, and I completely agree with you. This hits home. Thanks for sharing! #SITSBlogging
    Alma @ A Conquered Mess recently posted..How To Organize Tax FilesMy Profile

  7. Wow I got goosebumps with how you tied the two together. My year started off right but quickly that sluggish booting up process can take over before you even realize it – all because of being distracted by other things. Thank goodness in most cases jacked up can be fixed.

    Thanks for the shout out girl!
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted..We shall never blog again…My Profile

    • Dang distraction! It knows that we want to stay on course and does its level best to throw us off. But we’re tenacious folk, Kenya. Distraction doesn’t know what (or who!) it’s up against! #focus

  8. Amanda // Happily Ever After says:

    Beautifully written! So glad you shared!

    Amanda // Happily Ever After

  9. What a powerful analogy! It is so easy to get distracted and to let the little things that help us slip, but yes then we are just setting up to get sick. Glad your computer was able to get fixed, so not fun.
    Emmy recently posted..Him and Her InterviewMy Profile

    • Emmy, although it was only four days, it seemed like a lifetime, even with an iPad available. It shows how dependent we are on these devices. And distraction is a constant challenge. My One Word this year is #focus, so I can expect a lot of push-back from distractions and temptations of all sorts.

  10. Wow! great analogy. I do think technology boggs us down and does not allow more time for prayer/meditation etc. Beautiful post! #STITSblogging
    Deana recently posted..I haven’t talked about this… {part1}My Profile

    • Technology is great in so many ways, but it’s the enemy of focus, uni-tasking, and quietness of soul, Deana. We’re in a constant struggle to balance our online and offline lives.

  11. What a great comparison. Thank the Lord for the Geek Squad and repentance! Keep up the good work over here. #SITSBlogging
    Anitra recently posted..6 Simple Ways to Battle PMSMy Profile

  12. Reminds me that I have to guard and work out my salvation with fear and trembling. Thanks a lot for this reminder to be weary of the sin of distraction and any other sin. Someone once said that anything that takes you away from spending time with God and/or His word is sin.
    Have a super blessed day!

    • You have a great day too, Ugochi. It’s good to see you visiting here. You’re right about that last point: the stuff that takes us away from Him truly is sin.
      Alison recently posted..The virusMy Profile

  13. What a fantastic post Alison. I can’t believe you had 25 viruses!! That would drive me crazy. I love the fact that you took this time to pay attention to what is wrong in your spiritual life. I think there are many many many things that beg for our attention on a daily basis. So funny that you write about this because my churchs word of the year is FOCUS. And it totally looks like you got yours back!
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted..How Does Food Make You Feel?My Profile

    • I’m trying to get it back and keep it, Nellie! LOL Distraction is a pain in the glutes but I’m fighting for my focus every step of the way. Viruses, get out of my way!
      Alison recently posted..The virusMy Profile

  14. This comparison was brilliant. I need to get back to church to protect my spiritual life. I feel a huge disconnect from how I am living and how God wants me to live. I feel him speaking to me, encouraging my life to go in one way and everything else gets in the way. This is how I am going to look at it and get back on track. Thank you! #sitsblogging
    AnnMarie recently posted..Forks in the RoadMy Profile

    • Well, I definitely will be praying for us both to get and stay back on track, AnnMarie. It’s a struggle we have to embrace; if not, all the other things vying for our attention will continually distract us.

  15. This is so well said, I put too much effort towards things I don’t need to focus on and things I need to focus on I put very little effort into. Thank you 😉 #SITSBlogging love
    Debbie @ Heartbeats Soul Stains recently posted..It’s Okay to CryMy Profile

    • I think that that challenge is pulling at so many of us, Debbie. We struggle to give the rightful place to what really matters. It’s a struggle we have to keep up… and embrace!

  16. Hi Allison, It is amazing how life’s distractions cause viruses in our spiritual life. Sometimes, they seem to “pop up” out of nowhere. When, in reality, as you so very well stated, they give us indications that they are there. If we can ever nip them in the bud, they would not create the damage that often results. Thanks for sharing!
    BTW – I’ve been there , done that with my computer , grrrh!

    • It really bites, that computer virus problem! Trinity, those spiritual viruses really do give us a heads-up, but we’re so gung ho about whatever is currently consuming our attention that we don’t give them the early attention that could avert greater problems down the road.

  17. LOVE this analogy Alison!!! OH to be constantly fueling our immune system with the spiritual food it so desperately needs- constantly, or viruses can attack at any time. My greatest risk of becoming weak and vulnerable to viruses is exhausting and busy-ness. which most times, leads me to survival mode and rarely do I ‘have time’ for God. Worn and weary- that’s when the illness can really take hold!!!

    It often does… and I learn over and over again, that the best medicine to keep strong is available to us at ALL times, during even the busy seasons of our lives.
    Chris Carter recently posted..Love: Don’t Settle For Anything LessMy Profile

    • “Worn and weary.” Chris, that’s the story for so many of us. Satan knows our willingness to serve God and others, and he will frustrate our desire to do so by creating sufficient opportunities to be worn and weary; hence, useless. We have to be constantly vigilant. It’s an ongoing struggle, indeed.

  18. Alison, that sounds so annoying that you were paying for anti-virus protection and it didn’t hold up well. Sigh lol. I love your way of connecting that to your spiritual life. As much as I am a food activist, as you’ve probably learned by now, I feel the same way about what we put into our bodies that could be weakening our immune systems. I try to educate myself because as a wife and mom I am like the gatekeeper to what they will eat since I make and go to the store to choose everything. I love that my hubby is our covering and gatekeeper for immunity against demonic forces in our home. 🙂 This awesome analogy you came up with applies to so much!
    Brittnei recently posted..Feature Friday- Week 10My Profile

    • Brittnei, thanks. We are gatekeepers (such a great word choice!) for what we let into all aspects of our lives. God has given us free will, but with it comes responsibility. Often we want the privilege but not the responsibility of guarding our hearts, minds, time, and energy so that satan doesn’t get the upper hand on us. We truly are works in progress, leaning on God for the strength to not succumb to “viruses”.

  19. Great post! I would agree that I’m having issues spiritually right now, a virus as you say. I keep saying that I’m going to get back on track but I’m not spending the appropriate amount of time with God. Not because I’m having issues of belief but because I’m not making Him the most important. And I should. Every day belongs to Him. Every thing belongs to Him. Thank you for reminding me.
    Carla recently posted..Fitness Friday 3: It’s Flu SeasonMy Profile

    • I think we all fight that fight for time with God,Carla. Some times we’re more successful, intentional, determined than others. I know that, like you, it’s not really a belief issue. It’s a prioritization issue.

  20. I am always amazed at the parallels you draw! I think we can always improve spiritually…I feel like I am always a work in progress. I know I need to focus on this. Wonderful words of wisdom. I’m sorry about the computer too…but glad you’ve got it back up and working. That is definitely frustrating!
    Michelle recently posted..Ready to Make You Smile with #LOBSMy Profile

    • Thanks, Michelle. It was partially my fault with the laptop because I took too long to take action. Had I carried it in when the first few “symptoms” occurred, I could have saved myself a few dollars and a lot of wasted time. But that’s 20/20 vision, right? 🙂

  21. An excellent metaphor! I think we are “attacked” everyday from doing what it is we are supposed to be doing! I know I feel like that on most days! The days that I’m seeking to get away and spend time with him alone, are days that are too many “popups.”
    KalleyC recently posted..Musically Monday: I’m Your Baby TonightMy Profile

    • That’s true, Kalley; the “popups” are relentless sometimes. It takes great intention and action to reclaim those times that we want to spend in His presence.

  22. Glad you got your computer fixed. I love the term Spiritual Virsus and yes I had one for a loooong time. I finally found the antidote (going back to God) and now I’m much a better. Happy stress is so much better than depressing stress and worry stress.
    All Talk Entertainment recently posted..Going on a Vacation? Tips for a great get away with your loved one.My Profile

  23. Such a beautiful post and amazing comparison!! I would have never thought about spirituality in terms of a computer program, but it makes so much sense! Recently, I have been noticing a trend from a lot of bloggers to discuss the cattiness that can take place sometimes through social media. I discussed it a bit as well in my Valentine’s post. However, I think that women attacking one another through social media, instead uplifting one another is a perfect example of a spiritual virus that I have witnessed. The need to take someone else down to uplift yourself. Thank you for your beautiful words and post. Once again, I love the comparison you made!

    Sara recently posted..Liebster Award. Oh La LaMy Profile

    • Sara, thanks. I agree fully, the “social media mean girl syndrome” is awful. Why women need to be catty and ugly and petty like that is beyond me. There’s enough room at the social media table for everyone. Let’s make sure that that virus doesn’t attack us!

  24. I like the way you think Alison! The correlation between a computer and our spiritual lives is one that works really well. Much like our computers we can just add so many things to our lives that it’s easy to become bogged down and before we know it we are spiritually sluggish.
    Wanda recently posted..Interview with Alisa Hope WagnerMy Profile

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