To catch a thief…

A pedophile is just that, a thief.

He or she robs a child of innocence in the most despicable, reprehensible way.  And wherever pedophiles are, their sickening, criminal behavior needs to be halted.

little girl with flowers

Since last January, I’ve been blogging for  The Exodus Road, a coalition of organizations and individuals committed to fighting human trafficking, particularly in Southeast Asia. I’ve been writing once a month about modern-day slavery, the importance of freedom, and the realities of the sex industry.

You’ve read stories, seen videos, and listened to audio on this daunting challenge right here on Embrace the Struggle.

However, you’ve most likely been seeing increasing coverage of human trafficking on the news media and social media as well. With some 27 million precious souls estimated to be currently enslaved worldwide, whether for economic or sexual purposes, trafficking in persons is perhaps the most overwhelming issue facing our generation. It’s so overwhelming, in fact, that we’re often left feeling utterly helpless as to what we can really do about it.

Well, today, there is something we all can do!

I’ve been asked by the folks at The Exodus Road, which empowers literal rescue of victims of human trafficking, to help fuel investigations for active cases of pedophilia in Malaysia. The undercover team of investigators over there needs $35 per night to conduct local investigations, and the blogging team I serve with at The Exodus Road wants to send these men out for an entire month–30 nights.

The funds we raise will cover the investigators’ travel, lodging, and case-related expenses. We will literally be “hiring” an investigator, on our behalf, to go look for children and to gather the evidence needed to put pedophiles behind bars.

Would you join me in helping to set captives free from those who would steal their youth, innocence, and very lives?

We have one week –May 26 to June 2–to raise the funds needed to send out this trained team of operatives. All I’m asking is that you join me and my fellow Exodus Road bloggers in donating just $15 to this cause.

And giving is as simple as pulling out your phone. Use your smartphone to text the word “4thekids” to 41444. You’ll immediately receive a link, which you can click on to make a tax-free donation with your credit card. See the widget on the right for more information.

If you’d rather give online, you can donate here at The Exodus Road’s web site. Write “bust pedophiles” in the comment section. You can see how much money is being raised here.

I’m excited to be part of a mission to catch not just one, but several pedophiles (thieves!). Think of the kids who could be snatched from great evil because we decided to act on their behalf! Let’s set them free.