Today the special is: Humble Pie

I can’t honestly say I enjoy being humbled by God, but once the pouting is over, I recognize that something good will result from Him putting me firmly in my place.  

Humility runner up
Photo credit:  Irene Sneddon Photography

And no, He did not give me a public smackdown (so grateful for grace!), but He got my attention during my quiet time and put His finger, as only He can, on the sins that were stonewalling our relationship.  

A stinky attitude.  Hardheartedness.  Cowardice.  Selfishness.

Why do we have to learn the lessons of humility over and over again?

We can tot it up to our flesh, or our seeming eagerness to hand the devil an opportunity to let us know who we are used to be.  But guys, if we’re really honest, we have to ‘fess up that it’s all about us demanding our own way and our unwillingness to grow up spiritually.

So, God has to serve me a Humility Pill every now and then.  And I have to be willing to swallow it.  Gulp.

Fortunately, the take-away lessons from God’s gentle discipline always leave us in a better, and, yes, humbler, state.  

  • Humility ushers in a sober-minded perspective of ourselves and the world that God is allowing us to temporarily inhabit.
  • Humility brings about a course correction when we are one-quarter of an inch away from tottering off the cliff of pride.
  • Humility prepares the way for greater intimacy with God, an intimacy that allows Him to touch parts of our soul that need urgent triage and, very often, major surgery.
  • Humility grows us up into the people God predestined us to be.  Pride and usefulness in God’s kingdom are mutually exclusive.
  • Humility shows us that it’s all about Someone else and His other children.  John 3:30 becomes a sharp reality in the humbled soul.
  • Humility opens a door for true, unfettered worship that focuses fully on the Father and deflects attention from self.

So, eat up!  Develop an appetite for that often shunned dish, humble pie; after all, God, the Master Chef, prepared it for you.   It’ll do your spirit good!

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