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“All eyes have turned toward You, waiting in expectation; when they are hungry, You feed them right on time.”  Psalm 145:15

Often life feels like we are looking through the window pane . . . waiting, waiting.  It may seem interminable, futile, sometimes punishing.  But it’s in the waiting that we learn what we’re truly made of, and in that same waiting, God does His best, most transformative work in and through us.

I love how Jeff Goins describes the importance of capitalizing on The In-Between moments of our lives:

“If we reserve our joy only for the experiences of a lifetime, we may miss the life in the experience.  Such opportunities are everywhere, waiting for us to see them.  But first we must learn to open our eyes, to recognize the gift of waiting.”

Happy Sunday!


  1. i love that idea…of waiting expectantly like watching through a window for someone. thanks:) i came from sunday community.
    martha brady recently posted..AM I WILLING?…My Profile

  2. Good thinking and sharing, as usual. Thanks.
    Joanne Norton recently posted..MY GOOD BUDDY, ROY.My Profile

  3. I really like this! Life is about waiting and Jeff Goins quote really brings it home. It’s truly through the waiting times that life happens. That we experience joy. Waiting for those “special” moments to happen, we end up missing all of life experiences.

    Thank you for sharing this! Happy Sunday 🙂
    KalleyC recently posted..Walking With BlocksMy Profile

    • Happy Sunday to you, too, Kalley. There’s something special in the “unspecialness” of waiting that often eludes us. Hopefully this Lent, as we wait for Easter, we may experience that joy that you mentioned.
      Alison recently posted..WaitingMy Profile

  4. Such a good quote! I do often find myself waiting…but we really are missing out if we are always waiting for things to happen. Love this!

  5. It’s a delicate balance, Michelle, of resting in the waiting, yet being expectant about the outcome of the waiting. Yes!
    Alison recently posted..WaitingMy Profile

  6. This is a great post and exactly what I needed to read today! I tend to find waiting difficult, but I need to do a better job of learning to learn from it.-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..Would You Rather: Only Be Able To Whisper Or Only Be Able To Yell?My Profile

    • It’s certainly a challenge, Ashley, and often it’s a struggle. It calls for a shift in perspective in order to see the beauty in waiting. I’m believing for that shift to show up in my mindset sooner than later.

  7. Waiting is my biggest problem I am so impatient that I can’t wait on anyone or anything and I learning that I have to it’s when God does his best work when I don’t rush the process
    Kita recently posted..Planet FitnessMy Profile

  8. visiting from Sandra’s Scripture Sunday. Waiting can be so hard. It can also rob us of living in the present.
    linda recently posted..Sabbath WordsMy Profile

  9. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to see the true value in waiting. Things are done better. More efficiently. In the right timing. More perfectly than if it had been received beforehand. God knows best and His timing is perfect. In that truth I have peace.
    Yum Yucky recently posted..Easy Homemade Detox TeaMy Profile

    • That comment in itself is a perfect blog post, Josie. There’s a certain peace that comes with surrendering to the waiting and not rushing to whatever end result we’re craving. The key is to develop the perseverance and the perspective that will help us receive the waiting as a gift to be savored.

  10. Allison, thanks for this sweet encouragement as I wait. 🙂

  11. Waiting is never an easy thing, but it is always the right thing to do. I love the way you conceptualized the waiting as looking through the window pane…I can only imagine the reflection that bounces back at me of the beautiful images God has planned. Faith brings them into the natural.
    Yvonne I. Wilson recently posted..Happiness Is God’s Way Of Saying That You Matter MostMy Profile

    • Yes indeed, Yvonne, faith is the conduit that carries us through the waiting, and God plants dreams and visions along the way so that our hope is energized and we have the strength to hold out until that which we hope for manifests itself.

  12. Waiting is often times the hardest part, but like you said, that’s when God does His best work! Love this!
    Sherelle recently posted..Caramel Cares: Survey + GiveawayMy Profile

  13. alison, this was such a relevant post for me. this whole pregnancy, i keep counting down the months, the weeks until baby comes. i need to stop waiting for the milestone and just enjoy the kicking and the baby in my womb. have gratitude for every moment. a beautiful lesson to learn!
    Catherine Gacad recently posted..Update: 30 Weeks and Radio SilenceMy Profile

    • Yours is a genuine waiting period, Catherine! What joy there should be in this waiting for your precious baby to arrive. Enjoy each stage, journal if possible, and record and reflect on it all as it happens!
      Alison recently posted..WaitingMy Profile

  14. this is so beautiful! What a great reminder to stop and smell the roses.
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted..Vidergize – New Online Fitness ServiceMy Profile

    • It’s a vital habit, Nellie. We get so caught up in the go-go-go of life that smelling the roses has become a lost art. Let’s retrieve it and revel in it!
      Alison recently posted..WaitingMy Profile

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