While I can, I’ll do it!

I’m vigorously fighting the inevitable winding down of summer.  Earlier sunsets, cooler temps … is Labor Day really just a few days away?  The thought of the weather-related restrictions that come with crisper days saddens me.  Gotta get to getting, as Niecey Nash would say!

In the larger panorama of life, I’ve been sensing that urgency of “getting it done”… while I can.  Hitting 50, seeing friends pass on or deal with debilitating illnesses, recognizing the limitations of the human body and mind, and creeping through all sorts of mid-life ish really does jolt one’s psyche.

A good friend used to warn me to not put off doing the things I wanted to do.  “Don’t do like me,” she would say, “and wait too late.”  Illness and caring for her elderly mother would consume her final years.

Heeding her advice, I’m committing to doing the little things, as well as the Bucket List things, while I can.

I’m choosing to…

  • Check out splendid sunsets and fabulous full moons (hey, sunrises are beautiful, but I am so not a morning person!)
  • Go to the blog conference, the concert, the mixer, the special event, and summon up the courage to approach people and expect good things.
  • Open the sun/moon roof and blast whatever new music has me feeling giddy.
  • Walk outside and enjoy God’s gift of nature.
  • Hang out with kids and and be infected by their innocence and playfulness.
  • Hear the wisdom that lies deep within those whom I might not think of as conventionally “wise.”
  • Take the trip, spend the money, eat the weird food, leave work earlier, stress less, laugh even more…

While I can.

What are you going to make an extra effort to do… while you can?

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