Why justice is always worth it

One of the things that growing older tends to do is to help you distill the real from the frivolous–and to stoke a desire for more of what truly matters.

I’ve always been drawn to hard cases, situations in which people are working against seemingly impossible odds.  The desire to bring justice where it appears to be nothing but a dim, distant thought motivates me.


So, Women for Women International, Child Fund, Voice of the Martyrs, International Christian Concern, and, most recently, The EXODUS ROAD, are my go-to causes because I get to interact with like-minded people and be a conduit of  justice to others. 

I get letters from the children and women I sponsor in some of these organizations.  They’ve become family to me, though I’ve never met them face to face.  They have become my own as we share our the written testimonies of our lives and learn about and from each other.  I’ve invested faith, hope, and love in them, and the return on that investment is lives enriched–both theirs and mine.  In the quest for justice, we have become each others’ keeper.

I recently got a letter from a Congolese war victim who explained how the training she was receiving through my sponsorship was empowering her to heal from the ravages of war and to make a living to care for her family.  Although her letters during the year of sponsorship were few, those that did come made me realize the power of the commitment to bring justice to someone else’s life.  In the words of Margaret Mead:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Apathy, complacency, diffidence, jadedness, donor fatigue–they stall justice because we don’t see the person in those dire straits as one of our own.  And it’s easy to go there.  It can be overwhelming to consider how much injustice is there and how little we can do to stop it all. 


If we choose to eat the proverbial elephant one bite at a time, entering into the pain and hopelessness that even one person is experiencing…

If we decide that contributing to the rescue of even one child from human trafficking is worth our time and effort because she matters to us…

If we determine that the cost of numbing ourselves to the reality of the pain of others isn’t worth it…

Imagine the difference we could make in lives that are so far removed from justice and truth and light!  

Take a look at the short video below.  I absolutely love the passion and fervor it radiates!  It captures the fire shut up in the bones of those of us who are zealous to see captives set free from abuse, exploitation, and slavery.  We choose to see them as one of us, remembering Jesus’s admonition that when we do for “the least of these,” we do for Him.  Won’t you consider doing the same?

You can join forces with The EXODUS ROAD and learn how to help bring justice to victims of slavery, treating them like they are your very own.



  1. Thanks for sharing Ali, we truly need a reminder to things that matter in life!!!!!!

    • Hey Ms. Masunya! Long time no hear! I know you keep the main thing as the main thing in life. Looking forward to seeing/hearing from you soon.

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